Ex-wife of a man with two hidden daughters refuses to adopt 6 and 8-year-old after divorce 19 years prior

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A mother who was shocked to discover her husband had two secret daughters he never told her about refuses to adopt those same children. Her son has taken to Reddit to explain the lengths he went to to ‘protect’ his mother in the situation.

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The author, a 19-year-old college student, explains that his parents divorced when he was just 4 months old.

The reason for their divorce was that one day two little girls were dropped on his parent's doorstep, and that was when the author's mom learned that her husband had two daughters he’d kept secret from her, and he was now responsible for raising them.

The author explains the situation in more detail:

"He married my mom and she had no idea. Then when she was pregnant with me the grandparents showed up and said the girls were not being taken care of and he needed to step up and be their dad. She didn't want to stay with a liar or raise someone else's kids so she left him.”

Blending two families into one household can be emotionally challenging, as stated by certified relationship therapist Tracy Kimberg. Some of the difficulties can include children having identity confusion, difficulty sharing a parent, and sibling rivalry.

The author continues that his father didn't really have much interest in raising his daughters, and allowed the girls to ‘fixate on the author's mom’. For example, when the author's mother would come to pick him up from his dad's place, his father would ask her to take his girls with her too.

This unhealthy behavior only continued throughout their childhood, with the author clarifying his own experience of the tension:

“The girls spent years wanting mom to be their mom. They were in their teens and trying to use me to get mom to adopt them and stuff of that nature. It was sad. It was awkward as hell for me.”

The author eventually cut contact with his dad and half-sisters when he was 14 years old, and moved in with his mom full-time. But now 5 years later, his half-sisters showed up on his mom’s doorstep with the intention of having a verbal altercation. The author details the encounter in his post:

“They showed up and started yelling at mom and telling her that she was a [terrible person] and she became their mom the moment she married dad. They told her she owed them as much as she owed me and how could she not love them. I stepped in and told them they needed to leave and that mom was not their mom and they needed to accept that.”

What do you think?

Was the author entirely justified to defend his mom, telling his half-sisters that his mom isn’t their real mom, and that they need to leave her alone?

Or are the author and his mother heartless, since these young women clearly wish for a maternal figure in their lives, and the mom could have stepped up for them even though she never lived with them, nor ever raised them?

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