Pregnant woman who experienced a 'road rage' incident considers leaving her husband for not defending her

Gillian Sisley

A wife who was pregnant with her husband's child is considering divorcing him after he didn't have her back during an altercation with a stranger. She has written a Reddit post about the incident to find out whether or not she's justified in considering leaving him.

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The author, a woman who is 7 months pregnant, recently got wrapped up in a road rage incident that has left her fairly rattled.

She explains that her husband was the one to spark the incident, and she details in her post:

“The left lane was merging into us and the car that was meant to give way to us wasn't slowing down so we had no choice but to cut off the person to our right or we would have collided with the person merging to our left. The car followed us and tailgated us beeping its horn and would slow down with us and speed up with us and it followed us almost to our house.”

Data from a recent survey found that 82% of US drivers have admitted to having road rage, or driving aggressively, at least one time per year. Road rage can include angry honking, changing lanes without signaling, or yelling and cursing loudly at another driver.

The author continues by explaining that once the driver started to follow them to their home, she got nervous as she didn't want this stranger to know where they lived, especially as she’s pregnant.

For this reason, the couple stopped at a gas station, where the other driver pulled in to confront them. The author decided to speak with the man, while her husband stayed in the car.

She explains the terrifying altercation in her post:

“I told the man what happened and why we needed to cut him off but he wouldn't calm down and instead was shouting and swearing. So I said it really was all we could do and apologised but he slapped me and started to yell louder.”

Another stranger, who pulled into the same gas station, intervened by coming over and telling the angry man to go away or he would call the police.

Despite everything that happened, her husband didn't once get out of the car, not even after the angry man had left.

“I was stunned because I'd just been slapped by a stranger and I was in hysterics. I got back in the car and we went home and I didn't say a word. My husband just looked guilty but didn't say anything.”

Road rage is no small matter, as it is a massive risk to a person's safety. According to AAA, aggressive driving is considered a factor in more than 50% of all car crashes that end in fatality.

What do you think?

Is this absolutely a situation where the author should consider whether or not she wants to stay with her husband, considering a stranger slapped her and he didn't do anything to defend her?

Or is the author overreacting a little bit, and just because she's willing to be confrontational with another person doesn’t mean that her husband should also put his safety at risk?

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