Mom who wasn't invited to son's wedding furious after ex-husband refuses to take her as his plus one

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A woman who was snubbed by her son by not receiving an invite to his upcoming wedding is demanding that her ex-husband take her along as his date. The ex-husband has turned to Reddit to find out whether or not he is in the wrong for refusing to do so.

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The author, a father of two children, divorced his wife 6 years ago. The reason the parents separated was that the wife was caught being unfaithful.

It was the author's daughter who witnessed the infidelity when she was just 12 years old, and she told her older brother, who then told their father.

The children were furious with their mother after the discovery, as they felt she had betrayed the entire family:

"During the divorce hearing, both of them expressed a desire to stay with me so I was given primary custody with her getting 1 week a month. She moved in with the other guy.”

When parents decide to be unfaithful to their spouse, this dramatically impacts their child's emotional well-being. According to child psychology experts, a child may experience feelings of shame, difficulty trusting, resentment, and confusion when confronted with the infidelity of one parent.

The author continues that he's virtually cut his ex out of his life, other than the bare minimum of communication needed to co-parent their children. That contact recently ended entirely when his daughter turned 18 and moved in with him full-time.

However, the ex-wife has spent the last 6 years complaining about how her children seem to resent her for the divorce, and that they don't want to live with her. These complaints only escalated recently, as the author explains in his post:

"My ex-wife called me today and she started crying saying that she was not invited to my son's wedding. Then she told me that my son hasn't talked to her in over a year. Likewise apparently my daughter stopped talking to her after turning 18 too.”

That was when the ex-wife made a shocking request of the author:

“My ex-wife asked if I would bring her as my plus one so she could see her son getting married, but I told her if my son didn't invite her it wasn't my place to bring her. Then she started accusing me of turning them against me and threatening to take me to court, but I told her that there was no more custody agreement to take to court since both of them are above 18 and I hung up.”

Though the author is standing firm in his refusal to take his ex-wife as his plus one to their son's wedding, he is receiving a lot of flack from family members, saying that he's treating his ex-wife unfairly.

What do you think?

Should the author fully respect his son's decision to not invite his own mother to his wedding, and the author would be wrong to oppose that decision?

Or at the end of the day does the son need to recognize that his mother is his mother regardless, and she has every right to be present for this big milestone in his life?

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