Father of 4 who thought 10-year-old daughter was biologically his learns the devastating truth after DNA test

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A man with one biological child has seen his world turn upside down after recently learning the truth about his parental position. He’s turned to Reddit with this heartbreaking dilemma and is asking for advice about what to do.

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The author, who is a stepfather of three and a father to one daughter, has been married to his wife for 15 years. She came with three children who he absolutely adores and considers his own.

Then, in October 2012, his wife told him she was pregnant. He was incredibly excited about his, as he details in his post:

“We weren't trying to conceive, but weren't actively trying to prevent either. The date of conception seemingly matched up and a beautiful baby girl was born August of 2013. I have been led to believe until this last Saturday that she was 100% mine and I never questioned it.”

Data reported by The Guardian has found that about 1 in 25 fathers are not biologically related to a child they believe is theirs. This sort of knowledge has the power of destroying families once it is revealed.

With that said, the author recently met up with an old friend on the weekend, and she admitted a horrifying secret:

“This friend and I had a few drinks and she said she needed to get something off her chest that she's been holding secret for years and told me everything. I was shocked to say the least. The next day I called and confronted my wife and initially she denied it, but admitted to having [been] with the actual father [of our daughter].”

Once the author got home, his wife confessed to everything. Though he has no plans to abandon his daughter—because regardless of blood that’s who she is to him—he’s not sure how he can proceed forward with this marriage:

“I do not think I can forgive her for this. It's too big. I am so angry right now at her and all her friends that knew but kept silent. I'm afraid that if I do keep this secret from my daughter that she will one day find out and hate me for it.”

The author has since ordered a DNA test, and his wife has moved out off the house. She’s asking for couples counseling, and for the author to move past all of this, but he isn’t interested and is seriously considering getting a divorce.

What do you think?

Is the author entirely justified in wanting to leave his wife after finding out that the youngest daughter they share isn’t his?

Or was this all 10 years ago, and the past is in the past, and since he sees all of his children as his despite not sharing biology, her cheating a decade ago shouldn’t even matter in the end?

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