Concerned husband who texts wife’s boss behind her back berated for 'extremely misogynistic' behavior

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A man who is frustrated by the number of hours his wife is working texts her boss to complain, only for the situation to turn on its head. He has now written a post on Reddit to find out whether he truly did cross the line.

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The author, a married man, starts off by explaining that his wife has been ‘chained to her desk’ recently, working 10-14 hours a day for the last few weeks, including weekends.

She wasn’t even able to take time off for the holidays, which led to her getting extremely upset about her work situation. He explains:

“She’s been screaming obscenities about her job, how she wants to quit, how it’s ridiculous she’s working so hard without any break. There have been multiple tear filled days.”

Overworked employees will inevitably experience unnecessary harm to both mental and physical health, as explained by hiring agency Adecco Group. A work culture that encourages the over-work of employees can also be categorized as toxic or not positive to a person’s well-being.

Frustrated with his partner’s work situation, the author—who happens to work at his wife’s company—contacted her boss, with whom he’s friendly. He clarifies in his post:

“I texted her boss 1) there are limits for human beings, 2) this kind of thing can’t happen again next year. He agreed and said he’d try to help.”

Though the author meant for this conversation to remain a secret between himself and his wife’s boss, the boss went ahead and texted the wife to inform her that he’d been contacted by her husband. The wife was furious, as the author concludes:

“Now she’s telling me it was extremely misogynistic to message her boss to say she can’t handle her job (which I didn’t say) and it’s going to set her career back years. Says she can’t ever trust me anymore to talk about work or how she’s feeling. Generally threw me in the doghouse.”

The author doesn’t feel that what he did was all that bad, and he’s mad at his buddy at work for ratting him out.

The Pew Research Center has found that women who work in male-dominated workplaces report a higher rate of gender discrimination than in gender-balanced or women-dominated workplaces.

What do you think?

Was the author indeed misogynistic by contacting his wife’s boss behind her back to complain, and he should have left her to deal with her own work problems without getting involved?

Or was the author just being a good and supportive partner, and he only meant well, so she shouldn’t be too mad?

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