4-year-old who lost his favorite toy has a massive tantrum on working woman's doorstep when she refuses to help search

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A young child who forgot his favorite toy at a sleepover is devastated after his friend’s mom refuses to help find the toy because she is working. The child’s father feels the mom was unreasonable for refusing to help, and has written a Reddit post wondering if he is in the right for being upset.

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The author, the father of a 4-year-old boy, explains that his family has been dealing with a lot recently, and turned to the parents of his child’s friend for help. He clarifies:

“This friend's parents were doing my wife and I a huge favor, because my wife's father had surgery yesterday, and we needed to be there and didn't get home until after midnight. So yes, this story begins with us already in debt to them.”

For working adults with children, Harvard Business Review recommends that parents have an ‘emergency child care plan’ in place in advance, as an emergency can throw a family’s life into chaos for days, or even weeks.

The author goes on to explain that when naptime came around for his 4-year-old, he realized the child’s favorite toy, Sleepy Dumbo, was missing. As the child got massively upset and started to have a huge tantrum, the dad put two-and-two together:

“I remembered that when I picked him up I didn't see sleepy Dumbo. So I text the mom and dad of the friend. I get no response. My son is freaking out. So I tell him we will get in the car and go get sleepy Dumbo and he slightly calmed down.”

Upon arriving at the friend’s house, no one answered the door. The author continued to knock and ring the doorbell, until the friend’s mom showed up at the door. The author explained the situation, but the woman said she ‘couldn’t help right now’ because she was working, and advised to come back later.

The author’s son started to have a louder tantrum, and so his dad was persistent, promising that he ‘would be fast’ and then entered the home. He found his son’s toy on the friend’s bed right away, but on his way out, he was shocked to find the mom was ‘glaring at him’.

Later that day, the author and his wife received the following text message from the friend’s mom:

“I really don't appreciate the way [the author] barged into my house earlier today while I was working. I know you both have a lot going on right now but the world doesn't revolve around you. [My husband] and I agreed to do you a favor but that doesn't mean you get to just walk all over us. In the future if you call and we don't answer that means it isn't a good time to come over.”

Though the author felt embarrassed about how he behaved, his wife was angry with the couple for their text message. The author doesn’t, however, feel that his request to enter the home and quickly grab his child’s toy was so unreasonable.

What do you think?

Was it totally fair for the author to drive to the friend’s home, and persistently insist on entering the house to get his child’s toy, as the 4-year-old was having a full-blown tantrum?

Or was the author incredibly entitled to show up at the house unannounced and essentially force his way in, not only interrupting the woman’s work day, but also invading her home?

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