26-year-old woman who claims to be infertile ruins baby shower by stealing the limelight from pregnant mother-to-be

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A young woman who is telling people she’s infertile for sympathy has been shamed by her husband for stealing attention at someone else’s baby shower. Her husband has written on Reddit about the incident to find out whether or not he was wrong to call his wife out.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author, who has been married to his wife for a year, started trying to conceive with his wife in September 2022. With that said, there hasn’t been any luck yet, so the couple visited a fertility doctor to find out what was going on.

According to data from the CDC, about 1 in 5 women in the United States struggle with infertility, meaning that after one year of trying they have been unable to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy to term.

That said, they were told at the appointment that their situation was quite normal, and that it takes most couples a year to conceive. Though they received a professional opinion about their fertility, the author’s wife has been telling people a very different story:

“She’s been telling people that she’s infertile (which isn’t true, doctor said she isn’t).”

The author continues that his wife was recently invited to her friend Mary’s baby shower, but the author expressed his concern that it would be ‘too much’ for her, as he explains:

“I know my wife and I know what typically bothers her. I knew she wouldn’t bask in happiness over someone else’s pregnancy so I urged her to think it through. She said she’s fine and she was excited so she went.”

His wife ultimately attended, and she wasn’t there long until she called the author and asked him to pick her up:

“I find her at the entrance of the house crying and a BUNCH of women consoling her. When she saw me she came to me and pulled me to the garden to talk. She said she was dancing and looked at Mary’s pregnant belly and couldn’t take it anymore, started crying and ran out.”

He suggested they leave so that Mary’s baby shower could continue on without a hitch, however, his wife said she didn’t want to leave, and insisted she’d be fine.

The author pointed out that his wife would be the center of attention if she stayed and was upset, but she just expressed her annoyance and told her husband to leave and come back later. When he returned hours later, he was shocked by the scene:

“Lo and behold, everyone is sitting in a circle with my wife being the centre of attention. [Mary’s husband] looked for his wife and she wasn’t there at all. He called her and she said she had left ages ago.”

Once in the car, the author scolded his own wife for ‘stealing’ the limelight from Mary, and making herself the center of attention. His wife is now no longer speaking to him, and has accused him of being ‘disloyal’ for saying what he did.

What do you think?

Was the author entirely justified to scold his wife for dampening someone else’s milestone celebration all because she was feeling sorry for herself?

Or was it unkind of him to say something so insensitive to his wife who is desperate to get pregnant, and hasn’t been able to conceive yet?

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