Young woman who loves to bake leaves bride and groom without wedding cake after they refuse to pay her

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A 25-year-old woman who likes to bake as a hobby refused to make a wedding cake for her brother and his bride after they didn't compensate her for the cake. She has now turned to Reddit to find out whether or not she was justified in her decision.

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The author starts off by explaining that she loves baking, and does it exclusively as a hobby. She will never charge any friends or family for any of the treats that she makes for special occasions.

With that said, loved ones will often compensate her anyways in the form of money, a gift card, or something in return.

And though the author will often bake for loved ones, she was at first hesitant when her 23-year-old brother asked her to bake a cake for his wedding. She explains in her post:

“[They] were planning their wedding and asked me a few months in advance if I'd be able to make their cake for them? This would be my biggest order yet. They wanted a three layer cake (wedding was 75 people), in the flavor of strawberry shortcake as it's their favorite.”

Although it’s fairly common for young brides and grooms to ask family members or friends for help with wedding preparations, as detailed by The Budget Savvy Bride, it is still important to not take people for granted when they’re offering services or help of some kind.

The author ultimately agreed to their request, but only if they promised to compensate her in some way. She gave THEM what she described as a ‘VERY fair price for a cake of that caliber’, and they agreed to it.

After putting a lot of effort into multiple sketches and cake samples, the wedding day was fast approaching, and yet the agreed-upon $400 payment for the wedding cake never came, despite a promise for a cheque to be dropped off.

After some more pestering, the day before the wedding the bride and groom lashed out at the author in a severe way:

“They blew up on me telling me that I'm selfish for charging them when I don't charge the rest of the family and that they refused to pay, but demanded me to make to cake. I said no. They said I better make the damn cake. I again said no.”

On the day of the wedding, the author decided that not only would she not bake the cake, but she didn’t attend the wedding either ‘due to the amount of disrespect’ the couple showed her.

What do you think?

Was the author entirely justified to refuse to bake a cake for her brother’s wedding after he and the bride made it clear they would not pay the agreed-upon price for her services?

Or should she have still made the cake despite not being paid, and could have just considered it a wedding gift, rather than ruining their wedding with the cake-no-show?

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