Tactless man who makes fun of 'fat' stranger on subway horrified to realize he was mocking an old friend

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A man thought it was funny to take a picture of his friend’s ‘overweight doppleganger’, only to find out the subject of his wisecrack was actually his friend all along. He has now turned to Reddit to ask online users just how badly he’s messed up in this situation.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

Weight fluctuation is entirely normal, with health experts explaining that the average person fluctuates between 5-6 pounds in a single day. The factors that affect a person’s daily weight are what and when they eat, how much they move and exercise, and how much sleep they get.

The author starts off by detailing that he was recently on the subway, and as he was sitting there looking around he noticed a fellow passenger a few seats away:

“He looked remarkably similar to an old friend of mine who I hadn't spoken to or seen for a while, although this person was a lot rougher round the edges and about 20kg heavier than my friend is.”

He continues that the resemblance was shocking to him, and for that reason, he snapped a picture of the passenger and sent it along to the friend he was thinking of.

He outlines his text with:

“I sent them a message with the photo with the caption "this guy looks just like you if you packed on some pounds'.”

Because he was underground in the subway, the author lost service for a few minutes. However, when he finally gained service again, he was horrified to see the following text on his cellphone from his friend:

“That is me.”

Healthline explains that there are a lot of reasons why a person may gain weight. A lot of these elements come down to lifestyle, including both controllable and uncontrollable circumstances. Some uncontrollable factors can include starting a new medication, suffering from mental health struggles or chronic health issues, or suffering from an injury that affects a person’s mobility.

The author understandably felt incredibly embarrassed to see this text message, as he details at the end of his post:

“I haven't been able to respond yet, I'm too embarrassed. I feel truly awful about it though. Serves me right for being a bit of a [fool]."

What do you think?

Was this situation an honest mistake, and the author should just apologize to his friend and should be forgiven without an issue?

Or was this a valuable lesson of how people should not shame and judge others, because these bad personality traits will always come back around like karma?

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