Pregnant woman bans husband from the birth of his child after his dramatic reaction to unborn baby's gender reveal

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A pregnant woman is banning her husband from being present for the birth of their second child, as she details in a Reddit post about how his reaction to learning the gender of their unborn child caused her to make this drastic decision.

*This is a work of non-fiction sourced from social media discussion boards and verified experts/specialists.*

The author starts off by explaining that she is currently pregnant with her second child, and at a recent ultrasound, the author was told that the child was going to be a girl.

She and her husband were both happy about this reveal, however, they soon learned that the technician had been wrong and that they were having a boy rather than a girl.

This was when conflict arose between the expectant parents, as she explains:

“His reaction to us having a boy was nothing like either of his reactions to having a girl. He was actually jumping around and yelling, he immediately called all his friends and family, he kept hugging and swinging our daughter around telling her she's getting a brother.”

Psychology Today explains that gender reveal parties aren’t really about the gender of the fetus, but they rather showcase the ‘feelings’ of the parents. These parties also tend to touch on society’s ‘unhealthy obsession’ with gender, which psychologists deem to be damaging to the child, especially if the reaction to the baby’s gender is not a positive one.

The author was very put off by her husband's reaction, and she confronted him immediately about the difference in excitement level between having a boy and having a girl.

The husband admitted that he wanted their second child to be a boy, thus the reason he was so excited to learn that the technician had falsely identified the gender and they were in fact having a boy.

This response did not sit well with the author, and she retaliated with the following:

“I got so pissed off, I don't want him at the baby shower (I guess it's not really a baby shower as we're not asking for anything, but still) or the birth.”

At first, the husband thought that his wife was only joking, but when he realized she was serious about not letting him be present in the delivery room for the birth of his child, he became incredibly angry.

According to Psychology Today, 90% of fathers are present for the birth of their child. For many fathers, it is incredibly important for them to witness the birth of their child, and to deny them that opportunity can cause a real wedge in a relationship.

What do you think?

Is the author entirely justified to ban her husband from the delivery room for the birth of their son, considering he was far more excited to be having a boy than he was a girl, and that is misogynistic behavior?

Or is no one in the wrong here, and it's entirely justified for the father to be excited to have a boy, as well as the mother to be put off by the difference in excitement level for him?

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