Aunt Horrified After ‘Exclusion’ from Wedding and Gift Rejected

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What's a person to do when they've been snubbed from the family wedding?

Family weddings have a lot to do not only with tradition but also with laying down the law of who is included and who is not. This can sometimes make or break relationships.

While every couple has to deal with their budget and restrict their guest list, who they choose to invite, and which family members are included in the wedding party, can be a contentious issue that can cause a lot of drama within a family unit.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which an aunt is completely excluded from her niece's wedding, and the gift that she sent along is rejected entirely.

What's a person to do when they've been snubbed from the family wedding?

An online account published on November 19th, reported on by Leonie Helm from Newsweek, has picked up a lot of traction this week online.

The author begins her post by explaining that there's a family dilemma going on in which her niece got married, and everyone in the family was invited except the author and her husband.

She adds that her recent move across the country ‘could be partially to blame’ for this exclusion, but despite that she never got an explanation of why it happened. No family members have given her any indication of why she was excluded.

With that said, despite the lack of invites, she still sent a card and a wedding gift, only for those things to also be snubbed by the bride and groom as well.

What is considered etiquette when it comes to receiving wedding gifts?

The wedding gift that the author sent was a $100 cheque, as well as a card to go along with it wishing the bride and groom the best. Still, they never received any form of ‘thank you’ or even any acknowledgment that the gift had been received.

The author is incredibly hurt that she wasn't invited to the wedding, and that she never got any explanation. She's further offended by the fact that the gift hasn't been acknowledged, and has basically been completely ignored. She's now wondering how she should proceed.

What do you think? Should the author just let the entire situation drop, and maybe consider cutting back on her relationship with her niece who doesn't seem to value her? Or should the aunt start asking questions and asking around, to finally get to the bottom of what happened here?

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