'Heartless' Woman Refuses to Help Estranged Sister After Tragic Miscarriage

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Should a person always show up for family in their time of need, even if they’re estranged?

Family relationships are rarely straightforward, and they can in fact be so complicated that a person may choose to cut off a family member entirely to preserve their mental health.

With that said, when a family member becomes estranged it is generally expected for that distance to always remain. But what is a person to do when their estranged family member starts begging them for help in their time of need?

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman refuses to support her sister after a traumatic miscarriage, all because of a deep betrayal her sister committed many years back.

Should a person always show up for family in their time of need, even if they’re estranged?

A Reddit post published on December 4th, reported on by Alice Gibbs from Newsweek, has gone viral with an incredible 20,400 upvotes and 3,200 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that 7 years ago she was happily married and was expecting a baby. However, her happiness would soon be completely obliterated right before her eyes. 10 weeks into her pregnancy, the author suffered a miscarriage. When she returned home after this devastating event, she caught her husband and sister together, which felt like the ultimate betrayal.

While her husband and sister tried to apologize, she chose to completely cut them both out of her life by divorcing her husband and completely cutting off contact with her sister. However, she soon learned that her sister was pregnant by her husband, which just made the painful wound of her betrayal even worse.

Soon after finding out her sister was pregnant with her ex-husband's child, she realized that her parents wanted her to be ‘involved in the baby's life’. She refused to do this, and instead distance herself from her family. Her sister went on to marry her ex-husband, and they had two more children together. The author herself got married and moved on with her life.

Are there certain things that are just plain unforgivable?

However, just a few months ago her sister called her unexpectedly saying that ‘she needed her’, and asked her to come over. The author hung up the phone, and avoided any other calls. Her parents then contacted her, insisting that she ‘needed to be with her sister’. The author then learned that her sister had been pregnant, but she had, unfortunately, had a stillborn child, all while her husband—the author's ex-husband—was out with other people rather than by his wife's side. The author's parents and sister expected her to show up and be a support system, but the author completely refused to get involved.

Her sister tried to apologize again, saying that she wanted to mend bridges between them. However, the author replied that her sister and her children were ‘not her problem’, and she still wanted to continue her life ‘having nothing to do with them’.

What do you think? Was the author's response completely justified, and considering how toxic her sister is she should stay far away? Or was it cruel of her to not show up in her sister's time of need, even though they are currently estranged, and for good reason?

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