Woman Furious After Transgender Partner 'Tells Her What to Wear' for Work Event

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Should a partner ever tell their significant other what to wear?

A lot can be said about a person based on what they choose to wear and how they style their wardrobe, especially when it comes to their job or profession.

A lot of people take a great amount of pride in how they dress themselves, and for this reason, they can get upset when someone tries to tell them which clothes they can and cannot dress in.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a man tells his partner to wear something different for a work event, causing a massive fight between the two of them.

Should a partner ever tell their significant other what to wear?

A Reddit post published on November 22nd, reported on by Lucy Notarantonio from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,600 upvotes and 2,400 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he is a transgender man and he works as a professor at a 'nice private college'. He is also currently engaged to his 30-year-old fiancee.

He adds some more clarity to his background by saying that he comes from poverty and from a 'trailer trash' community. He explains how he worked his way up to become a professor at the college he currently works at.

He also explains that he is Latino, and ‘loves his job’. His school allows him to dye his hair and have tattoos and piercings without issue, but he still chooses to dress professionally. Just recently, a work event was announced to celebrate the fall semester, at a local art gallery. The author was encouraged to bring his partner as a plus one.

He also adds that because he is a trans man, it's not uncommon for him to 'face microaggressions in the workplace', so he makes a real effort to be as professional as possible. Even though his fiancee knows this, she'll still make jokes about him being the 'diversity hire'.

Is it important to dress professionally for work events?

With all of that in mind, the other night his fiancee picked out two dresses to wear to the event, and asked which he liked. He chose the dress that was more professional, and not as ‘skin tight’. His fiancee then got upset and cried because of the dress he selected, claiming he 'doesn't accept her as she is'.

As they were about to leave for the event a few nights later, she had on the tighter dress, but the author encouraged her to wear the one he suggested from the night before. She obliged, but they ended up having a big argument later that night where she accused him of being ‘controlling’, and that she felt ‘rejected for who she is’. She has since told her friends about the situation, and they are messaging the author calling him a 'controlling toxic fiancé'.

What do you think? Was the author entirely justified to veto the tight dress his fiancee wanted to wear to his professional work event? Or is he indeed controlling by trying to tell her what she can and cannot wear, and his behaviour is a big red flag?

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