'Evil' Man Divorces Wife After She Supports Him Through Illness and Law School

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What is considered a heartless reason to leave a spouse?

When it comes to marriage, there's a lot of give and take involved, with plenty of sacrifices and flexibility needed to make the relationship work.

Odds are, at varying points in a marriage, one partner may need to take on a higher bulk of responsibility to support their spouse who is going through a hard time. What makes this reality acceptable is that the couple recognizes they're in a partnership, so each will take turns in this role to contribute to their shared lifestyle.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman supports her husband through his cancer diagnosis and getting through law school, and just days after he passes his bar exam, he leaves her for another woman.

What is considered a heartless reason to leave a spouse?

A Reddit post reported on by Alice Gibbs from Newsweek has gone viral with 11,600 upvotes and close to 800 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her marriage to her husband hasn't always been easy. The author is 29 years old, has been with her husband for 7 years, and they've been married for the last 5.

She goes on to explain that she's taken on a lot of responsibility in the marriage, including supporting her husband as he went to law school, as well as caring for him through his illness struggles. Not only was he struggling with obesity, but was also diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

All this time, his wife was the breadwinner of their partnership, supported him so that he could finish school, and did all she could to make his life easier as he was dealing with complicated health conditions. However, while most spouses would be grateful for their partner making so many sacrifices for them, the author's husband did something shocking instead.

What is considered the ultimate disrespect in a marriage?

The author explains that her husband passed his bar exam just 12 days ago, and the next day he told her that 'there was someone else and he was leaving her'. He packed up his things and moved out the day after that.

The author has since consulted a divorce lawyer, and while the divorce will be fairly straightforward as they have no property, debt, or children, she feels incredibly frustrated, like she wasted the past 5 years completely funding her husband's lifestyle while he got to reap the benefits. Her lawyer thinks that she may be able to get some financial compensation in the divorce once her husband is working as a lawyer, considering his schooling wouldn't have been possible without her financial backing.

What do you think? Should the author go after her ex-husband for as much money as she can get from him, after she funded all of his law school and cared for him during cancer, only for him to leave her as soon as he passed the bar exam? Or should the author just accept that this is how life goes, and choose to move on despite being burned so badly by the man she loved?

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