Mom of 4 Furious After 'Sneaky' Sister Buys 5-Bedroom House She Wanted

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Is it reasonable for siblings to get ‘dibs’ on things such as properties?

The housing market is grueling and especially difficult for young people to buy into. This got even worse during the pandemic when housing prices skyrocketed.

With that said, the housing market has settled somewhat, but young people are still struggling to get their hands on affordable properties.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman is offered her aunt's 5-bedroom home at a discounted rate and takes the deal, and her sister is absolutely furious about it because she wanted the house too.

Is it reasonable for siblings to get ‘dibs’ on things such as properties?

A Mumsnet post reported on by Maria Azzurra Volpe from Newsweek has gone viral with close to 300 comments on the platform.

The author begins her post by explaining that she is married with one daughter, and she and her husband are incredibly close to her elderly aunt. They will visit her on a regular basis, and make a real effort to spend time with her.

With that said, on a recent visit the author and her husband were talking about how they were on the hunt for a new house, but we're having trouble finding a place within their price range. The elderly aunt asked them what their price range was, at which point she made an incredibly generous offer.

The aunt indicated that now that she was a widow, she wanted to move back to Scotland to live with her sister. With that in mind, her house was very dear to her and she didn't want to sell it off to complete strangers. That was when she offered the house at an incredible discount, much lower than market value, to the author and her husband. They immediately expressed their interest in purchasing their aunt's home for themselves and their daughter.

Who gets first say when an incredible deal is offered?

With that said, the author's sister soon found out about the offer to purchase the aunt's house, and she became incredibly upset. She was angry with the author for not bringing her the offer to the aunt's house first, because The author knew that her sister was looking to buy a house, and that she needs a five-bedroom more than the author's family does because she is a large family. The author clarifies that her sister has four children, while she herself only has one child.

The elderly aunt says she doesn't want to get involved, and has told the author that if she doesn't want it her sister is welcome to buy the house, but it is completely up to the author to decide. The author also indicates that her sister isn't very close with her aunt, and doesn't make an effort to visit. When she brought this up to her sister, the mom of four said that it was unfair of her to make that point because she was too busy to visit since she had so many kids.

What do you think? Was the author in the wrong to not bring the discounted house offer to her sister first, considering she has more children and is in greater need of a 5-bedroom home? Or is the author entirely within her right to accept the generous offer her aunt gave to her specifically, and her sister shouldn't feel entitled to the offer first simply because she has more children?

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