‘Distraught’ Mother-in-Law Demands New Mom Change Baby's Name

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Who should have final say in a newborn baby’s name?

While there are a lot of challenges that can come along with having a newborn baby, there are also very exciting milestones during the pregnancy itself and when the baby first arrives.

Most parents will tell you that one of the most exciting but also more difficult decisions to make is naming the baby. People can decide on a name choice, but when they see the child could decide it doesn’t quite fit. Alternatively, there can be family members who don't quite agree with the name choice that a couple has chosen.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a mother-in-law demands that a new mom change her baby's name, simply because the grandmother doesn't like it.

Who should have final say in a newborn baby’s name?

A Mumsnet post published on November 15th, reported on by Alice Gibbs from Newsweek, has gone viral with 500 comments on the platform.

The author begins her post by explaining that ever since she and her husband found out that they were going to have a boy, they jointly chose the name they thought was most fitting. It happened to by her husband’s middle name, as well as her own father’s first name.

However, ever since the author's mother-in-law found out about the name, she has been making 'subtle digs' throughout the pregnancy about it because she's not a fan. She will constantly ask whether or not the couple has 'considered anything else'. She is distraught that the name ‘honors the author’s side of the family’, rather than the mother-in-law’s.

The author also clarifies that she will generally avoid the subject and dodge the question of the baby’s name, because her mother-in-law can be very 'opinionated and stubborn'. With that said, the author gave birth to a healthy baby boy just a week ago, but it hasn't been the most joyous experience thanks to her husband’s mother.

Should grandparents have a say in the name of their grandchildren?

She explains that they haven't officially registered their baby's name yet, but they have announced the name to friends and family, as well as on social media. However, she adds that her mother-in-law has gone out of her way to comment on the name, even after the traumatic birth that had taken place, which involved emergency surgery.

The mother-in-law is telling everyone who will listen how ‘upset’ she is about the name choice, and is talking to family members behind the author's back. She is even gone as far as pulling her son aside and privately asking him if they would change the name of the baby. The author is now wondering if she should change her baby's name to ‘keep the peace’ in the family, because it has caused such an upset with her mother-in-law.

What do you think? Is it within the author's best interest to change her baby's name to keep the peace, so that her mother-in-law won't resent her newborn child? Or is the mother-in-law entirely out of line, and needs to get over herself because she doesn't get to have final say in her grandchild's name?

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