Woman Ditches Husband After Being Uninvited to Christmas Dinner

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Is it ever justified to ditch your spouse on a major holiday?

If you ask someone what the purpose of the holidays is, you're likely to get a few different responses depending on who you ask.

To some, it's about good food and good company, but to others, it's more about getting a break from work or maybe receiving some exciting presents from loved ones. These differences in values can create conflict in some domestic situations.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a husband is uninvited from Christmas dinner, and his wife condones this by planning to leave him behind to spend Christmas with her own family.

Is it ever justified to ditch your spouse on a major holiday?

A Reddit post published on November 19th, reported on by Sophie Lloyd from Newsweek, has gone viral with 14,300 upvotes and 5,300 comments.

The author starts off by stating that she is married to a wonderful man, who is currently her second husband following her divorce. During her first marriage, she had a 10-year-old son named Billy, who is welcomed by the entire family.

She explains that she only recently married her current husband, and is very happy. However, her new husband Philip and her family don't get along because they 'disagree on a lot of things'.

The disagreements tend to have to do with parenting Billy. The author's husband Philip is a pediatrician, and firmly believes in science. Whereas the author's mom and sister prefer ‘natural remedies’ when it comes to children's health, and avoid using medication whenever possible.

The most recent fight involved Philip calling his in-laws ‘ignorant’ for refusing to use medication, at which point the author's parents told Philip he was 'no longer welcome at their house'. This incident came back to haunt them all when the author received an invitation for Christmas Day, which included her 10-year-old son, but did not extend to her husband Philip.

What should a person do when their family excludes their spouse?

The author confirmed with her mother that she would be attending Christmas with her 10-year-old son in tow, but when her husband found out that she was going to leave him to spend the holidays alone he became furious. He shamed her for being ‘fine with her family excluding him’, and agreeing to leave him behind.

The author argued that because it's her parent's house they get to ‘choose the guest list’, and that she wasn't leaving him behind because they ‘hadn’t made any plans for Christmas yet’. He countered that he'd assumed they were going to be spending Christmas 'as a family', with all three of them together. The author thinks he's just being 'melodramatic'.

What do you think? Does it make sense for the author to leave her husband behind for a few hours so she can have Christmas dinner with her family? Or is she absolutely in the wrong to allow her family to mistreat her husband and actively exclude him, as well as give her blessing to do so?

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