Christmas Cat Furious After Failing to 'Claw' at Tree

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Are cats a real danger to Christmas trees?

Anyone who is a cat owner knows that these frisky felines come with some rather quirky and strange behaviors. One of the reasons people love cats is because they are independent and have entertaining personalities.

Christmas time in particular can be a tricky event to decorate for, as cats are known for being attracted to bobbles and balls, and really anything sparkly that they can knock off of a surface. This makes having a cat and a Christmas tree a problematic combination at times.

This exact situation was highlighted in a recent viral post in which a cat's plan to claw at a Christmas tree is foiled by its clever owners.

Are cats a real danger to Christmas trees?

A TikTok video published on November 19th, reported on by Lucy Notorantonio from Newsweek, has gone viral by being watched over 14 million times, and racking up an incredible 2 million likes.

The video begins by showing a beautifully lit-up Christmas tree in the poster's living room. She also has a cat, who has been quite the headache around the holiday season.

The poster explained in the comment section that their cat loves scratching and clawing at their Christmas tree, so they tried ‘everything they could’ to get it to stop.

From squeezing a lemon onto the tree, to aluminum foil, to spraying essential oils, nothing seemed to work to dissuade their determined cat from clawing at the tree. That is until the poster and her partner came up with an ingenious solution.

Do typical cat behaviors need to be reigned in?

The user decided to put up a plexiglass barrier along the base of the Christmas tree. Being completely see-through, she and her partner could still see the Christmas tree in all its glory, while it created an obstacle for their cat.

In the hilarious viral video that has delighted the internet, a determined cat claws at the plexiglass barrier with all of his might. It appears that he believes that if he scratches the barrier enough, he will be able to dig through it and access the prize of his efforts–the Christmas tree. However, no matter how hard he tries, his efforts are in vain, resulting in a very humorous sight.

What do you think about this idea? Is this ingenious, and every cat owner should employ a plexiglass barrier around their Christmas tree? Or is it cruel to the cat to not let it access the tree, as cats obviously take a great amount of joy from pawing at and climbing into Christmas trees?

Watch the FULL VIDEO by clicking HERE.

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