Woman Horrified After 70-Year-Old Father Has 'Affair Baby' with 45-Year-Old

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What is considered a ‘good reason’ to cut someone out of one’s life?

Anyone who says that marriage is easy is lying. While some marriages may have less drama than others, every marriage takes work and intention, and that means showing up every day and recommitting to the partnership.

However, for some people, a commitment of this size is just too intimidating, or after a while just becomes bothersome. This is one reason why a person may stray and ultimately decide to have an affair. But the reality of affairs is that they are often exposed, and come with major consequences.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a 70-year-old man gets his 45-year-old mistress pregnant, and his family is absolutely devastated by this turn of events.

What is considered a ‘good reason’ to cut someone out of one’s life?

A Mumsnet post reported on by Alice Gibbs from Newsweek has gone viral with hundreds of comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her father and mother are still married, but they haven't really gotten along with each other for some time now. She explains that though they stayed married and lived in the same house, they were pretty well living separate lives under one roof.

The author was then absolutely shocked when her father announced that he was expecting a baby with his girlfriend, who is 35 years younger than him. The 45-year-old woman had gotten pregnant, and it was quite a shock because due to her age she didn't think it was possible to still have kids.

The author's father has stated that he ‘wants to do the right thing’ and be with her, which the author adds was the exact reason that he decided to marry her mother.

Should babies born out of affairs be accepted as family?

The author explains that the baby is due to be born in just a few weeks' time, and she's 'really struggling with the situation'. She doesn't know how she feels about having a half-sibling, or how she'll relate to the child.

Part of her discomfort comes from not being sure how to process the entire situation, and she’s feeling that it's 'surreal'. Especially considering that her 70-year-old father is going to have a newborn baby who is 'younger than his grandchild'.

What do you think? Is the author entirely justified to deal super conflicted by the situation, and not know how she will relate to her half-sibling who is going to be born very soon? Or is the truth that no matter how complicated this situation is, the baby is innocent in all of this, and should not be punished for the mistake of its parents?

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