'Diva' Golden Retriever Demands to Have Paws Cleaned After Each Walk

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Which dog breed is the most high-maintenance?

Dogs have a reputation for being cute and cuddly, loyal friends to their owners. This is one of the biggest reasons why a person may choose to either purchase a dog from a breeder or adopt one to add to their household.

With that said, golden retrievers especially are known for being quite friendly and wonderful family dogs if there are children in the home. But some owners of this breed will also say that now and again you can get a high-maintenance golden retriever.

This exact situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a hilarious video shows a golden retriever who requires its paws to be wiped after going outside.

Which dog breed is the most high-maintenance?

A TikTok post published on November 23, reported on by Anders Anglesey from Newsweek, has gone viral with 25,800 likes, 100 comments, and 680 shares.

The author of the video introduces her golden retriever, Elton, by explaining that she had been teaching her dog how to go into the shower himself, without complaint.

Not only did he pick up on this habit rather quickly, but since then he has created a rather particular and hilarious demand from his owners. After each and every walk, Elton will go straight to the shower and lie down.

The user explains that he will ‘refuse’ to leave the shower until his paws are washed off completely, and any dirt accumulated while on his walk is removed. She then calls him a 'little diva'.

Is it wrong to pamper one's dog?

Dogs are known for being able to pick up on new tricks and skills rather efficiently. While many dogs hate having a shower, through positive reinforcement they can adapt the trick of going to the shower themselves, just like Elton does in this viral video.

It isn't surprising that this trait has been picked up either, considering how science has already proven that dogs like routine, as well as spending time with their owners. So a little extra puppy pampering is just a cherry on top of what a golden retriever like Elton would already intrinsically desire.

What do you think? Is it funny to see Elton being a little diva, and demanding his paws-washed after every walk? Or is it wrong of his owners to give in to this behavior, because they are allowing him to make demands when he is the pet and they are the owner?

Watch the FULL VIDEO by clicking HERE.

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