Man Refuses to Spend Christmas with Father Until He 'Refills' College Fund

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Should children ever feel entitled to their parent’s wealth?

Anyone who is looking to get further education either in college or university needs to be prepared to take on an incredible amount of loans to facilitate such a dream.

Though some may be lucky enough to have parents or loved ones who will partially or fully fund their higher education, this is most often not a reality for the average individual looking to attend college.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a man refuses to spend Christmas with his father until his dad refills money that was set aside for his college fund, but was used on hospital bills instead.

Should children ever feel entitled to their parent’s wealth?

A Reddit post published on November 19th, reported on by Lucy Notarantonio from Newsweek, has gone viral with 14,100 upvotes and 6,700 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he is 23 years old, and is currently debating whether or not to spend the Christmas holidays with his dad.

The two don't quite get along, and one particular reason seems to be a point of contention. The author was meant to have a college fund saved for him, however, the savings were used to cover his step-brother's surgeries for chronic heart disease. Unfortunately, the author’s step-brother passed away in 2021 at the age of 16.

While the loss of his stepbrother is very tragic, the author is still holding it against his father that his college fund was used to cover his stepbrother's surgeries. For this reason, he is now demanding that his father make it up to him, just in time for the holidays.

What's more important: potentially saving a life, or paying for university without any student loans?

The author also indicates that his issues with his dad stem from a bit of history. His mom passed away when he was a kid, and his stepmother came along not long after. The author claims that at that point he distanced himself from his father and stepmom, while still keeping in contact with his grandparents.

He recently learned that his father is getting a divorce from his second wife, and is feeling both lonely and ‘heartbroken’. For this reason, he doesn't want to spend Christmas alone, and has asked his son to join him for the holidays. The author said that he would ‘gladly’ spend the holidays with his dad as long as he 'gives back his college fund' in the form of a Christmas gift.

His dad didn't like this response, and other relatives told the author he was 'judgmental, petty, and greedy' to say this to his father after his dad had lost so much. They pressed that his dad did all he could to save his stepson's life, and that was a ‘noble’ act.

What do you think? Was the author's response entirely valid considering the circumstances? Or is the author indeed greedy and petty to feel so entitled to his father's money, and to refuse to be there for his dad and his time of need?

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