Man Furious After Wife Insists on Wearing ‘Wedding Dress’ to Cousin's Wedding

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Is it always taboo to wear white to a wedding?

Weddings are a strange affair that often come with many rules that are sometimes hard to follow. Whether it's traditions or based on cultural preferences, there are a lot of little details that the average person can stumble on.

That said, one of the more undisputed wedding traditions is that no one other than the bride should be wearing white to the wedding, unless otherwise indicated in the wedding invites.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman insists on wearing her own wedding dress to someone else's wedding, and her husband is absolutely against it, resulting in a major argument.

Is it always taboo to wear white to a wedding?

A Reddit post published on November 15th, reported on by Ashley Gayle from Newsweek has gone viral with 9,600 upvotes and 2,600 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that his cousin Sam is going to be getting married soon. With that said, the author's wife Amy, and Sam's fiance Jane, don't get along very well. Amy seems to think that Jane is ‘too shy’, which the author does agree with.

Things escalated when Amy saw what Jane's wedding dress was going to look like from another cousin. The author adds that it's custom-made, with accents of white and gold, and his wife thinks that it's 'too much'.

Amy has now decided that she ‘doesn't have enough time’ to go dress shopping, so she's planning to wear her own wedding dress to Sam and Jane's wedding. She thinks that it's going to be okay as the dress isn't traditionally white, but rather an off-pink color.

Is there ever a situation where it's okay to wear your own wedding dress to someone else's wedding?

The author flat-out said ‘no’, she can't wear her wedding dress to another person's wedding, but she keeps insisting. The author has told her that if she insists on wearing that dress, she shouldn't come to the wedding at all.

Amy then got very upset and accused her husband of ‘trying to control her’, and argues that her dress should be reused instead of just ‘sitting in the closet’.

What do you think? Is the author absolutely in the right to tell his wife she's not allowed to wear her wedding dress to his cousin's wedding? Or does his wife have a point that because it's pink it should be okay, and she's right that it should be used and not just sit in the closet?

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