New Mom Furious After Friend Tells Her to Leave Baby at Home

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Should parents always bring their babies with them, wherever they go?

There's a lot of adapting that comes along with having a newborn child. Understandably, because the baby can't look after themselves, an adult has to be supervising them at all times.

Though anyone with a child can resonate with this, those who don't have children may not be as empathetic or forgiving of parents bringing their children wherever they go.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman tells her friend not to bring her baby with her to a pub, and the young mother is deeply offended by it.

Should parents always bring their babies with them, wherever they go?

A Reddit post published on November 18th, reported on by Catherine Ferris from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,700 upvotes and 2,700 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she and some of her co-workers had plans to meet at a local pub for some drinks, and they invited another co-worker to join who is currently on maternity leave.

The new mom said she was excited to meet with her friends, and also told them that she would be bringing her 5-month-old son along.

The author wasn't fully comfortable with this idea, and after voicing her opinion about it she and her colleague had a significant falling out.

Is it healthy for a baby to be separated from their mother?

The author suggested to the new mom that maybe it wasn't a great idea to bring her son into a pub with her, but the mom assured her that it was okay. She clarified that she brings her son 'everywhere' with her.

Other coworkers in the chat also suggested that a pub ‘wasn't the best environment for a child’, and they also said that if she didn't have a babysitter they could always change their plans to another day. The new mom then clearly expressed that she 'didn't want to be separated from her baby’ and called everyone jerks for trying to force that on her.

What do you think? Was it reasonable for the author and her coworkers to suggest that their colleague on maternity leave not bring her newborn baby to a pub? Or is that not at all their place to comment on, and they should let her decide where is appropriate to bring her own child?

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