'Cruel' Woman Horrified After Mom Cuts Her Off for ‘Poor Behavior’

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Should parents still finance their children, even once they’re adults?

Times are tough, and economically challenging, especially for younger people. The pandemic made it difficult for younger people to enter the workforce and make a living wage.

For this very reason, many young adults needed to depend on their parents for financial support in order to make ends meet while the pandemic was underway. Many have yet to recover their full independence because of this.

These exact realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a 21-year-old woman is ‘cut off’ by her mother as a consequence of her actions.

Should parents still finance their children, even once they’re adults?

A Reddit post published on October 6, reported on by Jack Beresford from Newsweek, has gone viral with 5,600 upvotes and over 600 comments.

The author, a mother of two children, explains that she and children’s father got divorced several years ago, and that was a difficult situation for her eldest daughter, Zoe. Because she struggled with the divorce, the author sent Zoe to therapy because she noticed that she ‘had a tendency to be demanding and cruel to others’. This has even continued as the author remarried Tim, who is now a stepfather to the girls.

The author clarifies that the divorce was a bitter one, so there is plenty of emotional trauma as a result of the separation. She has ‘tried every resource available’ to try and address Zoe’s behavioral issues. She has especially encouraged Zoe to ‘channel those negative emotions into something positive’, such as kickboxing.

With that said, Zoe decided at 18 that therapy was a ‘waste of time’ and she refused to continue going. This has also meant that the activities that were helpful toward her mental health have stopped too. Since then, Zoe has become ‘entitled’ and refuses to put any effort into anything.

At what age should a child start pulling their weight?

The author clarifies that Zoe has been living ‘rent-free’ with her mother and stepfather. They provide for all of her needs, such as her phone, care, education, and many other expenses. While the only thing the parents require of the 21-year-old is to ‘help around the house’ and do some small chores, she will scream and swear, refusing to do so.

Things finally came to a head. The author claims that her eldest daughter feels ‘entitled’ to her parent’s money, and has even started to make a fuss about the fact that they are saving up for her younger sibling’s education—even though Zoe herself had her own education covered by her parents. But what crossed the line for the author was when Zoe complained about having to put a frozen meal in the oven for her stepdad, who had just finished a round of chemotherapy not long before to address his cancer, and she branded him ‘useless’.

After hearing this, the author told her daughter that she would no longer be paying for a single thing for Zoe, that she had ‘one month to move out’, and would have to start paying for her own car, phone and insurance.

What do you think? Is the author in the wrong for kicking out her daughter, and turning her back on her just because she said something cruel about her stepdad? Or is the 21-year-old entitled, and has to learn that there are consequences to her actions, so being kicked out and cut off is warranted?

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