Pregnant Woman Furious at 'Pushover' Boyfriend

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Is it ever okay to call your partner names?

Pregnancy isn’t easy for anyone going through it, and for the person bringing a child to term, they will likely experience plenty of discomfort, hormonal changes, and other unpleasant things that can’t be controlled.

The changes and struggles of pregnancy can also put quite a strain on a relationship. Conflict can arise from these issues, and this could even lead to a couple deciding they can’t continue being together moving forward.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a pregnant woman labels her boyfriend a ‘pushover’ and a ‘wuss’, and vows to leave him before giving birth.

Is it ever okay to call your partner names?

An online post published on October 1st, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,900 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

The author, a soon-to-be father, begins his post by explaining that his girlfriend is currently pregnant with his child, but after a recent incident he’s not sure they will be able to stick it out.

The couple were recently at the grocery store when a mother with two small children asked the couple in broken English if she could go ahead of them in line. He noticed that one of the children looked to be on the verge of a temper tantrum, and so the author happily let them go ahead, citing the fact that he would soon be a father and empathized with with the mom.

He also adds that the only thing he saw the mother carrying was some toilet paper, and for that reason, it seemed like even less of a problem to let her go ahead. However, after agreeing to let her go ahead, she then pulled forward a cart full of groceries. The author then realized he’d been tricked.

How should a person react when they’ve been duped?

Realizing what happened, the author laughed and told the woman that she had ‘tricked him’, but was going to let it slide. Though the author was laughing, his pregnant girlfriend was not. She got ‘very angry’, and started yelling at the mother, telling her she was ‘rude and impolite’. The author was taken aback from his girlfriend’s outburst, but didn’t think much else of it.

However, when they arrived home, the pregnant woman asked for the car keys from the author. She told him that she was tired of ‘being together with a pushover and a wuss’. She added that she had been ‘tired’ for a long time now, and that she ‘wanted a real man’. Since then, the pregnant woman has been staying with her mom, and has decided to evaluate their life and relationship because she ‘doesn’t want a wuss to be the father of her child’.

What do you think? Was the author’s response appropriate for the situation? Or is he not standing up for his partner when it counts, and thus it’s understandable that his pregnant girlfriend is reconsidering staying with him?

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