Woman Forces Parents to Become 'Homeless' After They Rehome Her Dog

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Is there anything that family can do that is ‘unforgivable’?

As children age, they will blossom into adults who create their own sets of values and establish their own independence. This is just the reality of being a human being.

But for some parents, they can’t accept the truth that they can no longer tell their children what to do, or dictate how they live their lives. As they struggle with accepting this reality, they may act out.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman moves out after her parents try to rehome her dog, and in the aftermath, the parents are set to lose their home.

Is there anything that family can do that is ‘unforgivable’?

An online post published on September 25, reported on by Kate Fowler from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,600 upvotes and over 800 comments.

The author begins by explaining that she is 27-years-old and she still lives with her parents. She also has a dog, who is the absolute love of her life. But the closeness of the owner and pet are rubbing her mother the wrong way, which has caused a huge amount of conflict in the family.

The author goes on to add that her mother seems to believe that the reason the author is ‘not actively looking for a husband’ is because her dog takes ‘too much of her attention’. The author does clarify that her dog has some ‘health problems’, but she can afford the care, and for that reason, there’s no real quality of life lost.

Shockingly, though, one day the author returned home from work to find her dog was gone. Her mother immediately admitted that she had ‘given the dog away’ while the author was at work. She sent the dog off with all of her things, including toys and leashes.

Does anyone have the right to rehome another person’s pet?

In response to what her mother admitted, the author ‘lost it’ on her mom, and told her that if she didn’t tell her where the dog was, she was going to call the police to report the dog stolen, and ‘have her mother charged’. The author ultimately got the address, and went and got her dog back. She is now staying with a friend.

With that said, when the author returned to her parent’s house to pack her things and leave permanently, her father begged her not to leave. Since he lost his job during the pandemic, the author’s parents are having some hard times financially. The father expressed that without their daughter’s financial support, they would ‘not be able to afford the house’ and would be ‘out of money in three months’. But the author doesn’t trust her parents anymore, so she refuses to continue living with them.

What do you think? Should the author absolutely move out, considering she can’t trust her parents and her dog isn’t safe under their roof? Or should she be more considerate of her parent's financial situation, and not leave them high and dry by moving out all of a sudden while her father is unemployed?

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