Woman Kicks Out Family After They Destroy 'Sentimental' Tree

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Is it ever okay to vandalize someone else’s property?

We don't get to choose our family, and for that reason, it can be difficult to navigate certain relationships when different personalities don't quite align with one another.

With that said, it is still important regardless of the relationship, that a person have boundaries in place for any loved one they have in their lives.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman kicks out her family members after they destroy what she claims to be a 'sentimental' tree on her property.

Is it ever okay to vandalize someone else’s property?

An online post published on September 25th, reported on by Alice Gibbs from Newsweek, has gone viral with 15,700 upvotes and 7,300 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she and her husband have been living in a property that they are renting from her husband's aunt. With that said, they have been served a 30-day eviction notice from the aunt because of something the author's parents did.

The author goes on to explain that her husband rented from his aunt before they got married, and when they finally tied the knot, the author moved in because the 'rent is cheap' and they've been on a month-to-month lease ever since.

With that said, the author's parents recently asked if they could park their RV at the rented home. Due to 'city ordinance', the RV has to be parked in the backyard. The parents then wanted to add a gate to the fence to let the RV in, but when the author's husband asked his aunt if they could install one, she said 'no'.

The author adds that her parents were ‘upset by this’, but she thought that was that. However, just two days later, the author returned home to find that her father had a construction crew over and had ‘removed part of the fence to install the gate’ the aunt had not approved of.

Destruction of property is a serious offence.

The author also said that her parent’s RV is 'huge', and that there was an apple tree in the way in the backyard so the RV wouldn't fit. When the author's husband returned home, he was absolutely 'furious' to see the construction men there. He told his in-laws they needed to stop the repair work and return the fence to the way it was.

However, the author felt that it was ‘pointless to stop now’, and that it would cost a lot more money to rebuild the fence. So the author told her father to 'finish the job' and make sure that it was 'left super clean'. It was her plan to finish the work and then apologise to the aunt later and ‘explain what happened’.

What the author didn't realise, however, was that her father commissioned the construction men to tear down the apple tree that was in the way of his RV. When the aunt discovered that the tree had been turned down, she began to cry and served a 30-day eviction notice. It turns out that the tree had been planted by her late husband, and it had a lot of sentimental value. Now her husband’s side of the family is no longer talking to her.

What do you think? Is the author at fault here even though she didn't commission to have the tree torn down herself, but simply because she told her dad to continue with the construction work even though her husband and aunt both said 'no'? Or is the aunt overreacting by getting so upset over a tree, and is going too far by evicting her nephew and his wife?

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