Mother-in-Law 'Forced' to Leave Wedding Over 'Smelly' Perfume

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What request is too extreme to make of one’s wedding guests?

Most people have a vision of how they would like their wedding to look, and sometimes that vision means asking their guests to comply with some different requests.

Not everyone is going to be on board with every request, and couples need to be prepared for some pushback, especially from some more opinionated guests.

This sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a groom requests that his mother-in-law leave the wedding because her perfume is causing him to have an allergic reaction.

What request is too extreme to make of one’s wedding guests?

An online post published on September 22nd, reported on by Lucy Notarantonio from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,000 upvotes and 1,500 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he just recently got married to 'the love of his life', and despite some speed bumps the big day went 'pretty well'. With that said, there is an issue from the wedding that is still causing waves.

The bride's mother wore a specific perfume that caused the groom to have an allergic reaction. During the ceremony, he started to sniffle and his eyes began to water. He adds that it ‘only got worse’ afterward when she hugged him and his throat and eyes 'started to get itchy'.

Trying to do some damage control, the groom asked someone to get some allergy medication for him. However, even after taking one, it didn't make that much of a difference and the author started to become very light-headed and have a bad headache.

His reaction to the perfume got even worse when it was time to take photos. The author wasn't able to be in any of the pictures, and he was starting to think that he would have to leave his own wedding.

How important is it to respect allergies at a wedding?

That was when he went to his bride and explained that they ‘needed to figure something out’ because his symptoms weren’t allowing him to enjoy his own wedding. He didn't want to take more medication and be ‘completely out of it’ for the reception, so the bride asked her mom to keep some distance between herself and the newly married couple.

The distance plan, unfortunately, didn’t make much of a difference, so the bride ultimately asked her mother to wash the perfume off, but the mother said that she had ‘spritzed it all over her dress’ so she wouldn't be able to dab it off with water. The groom ended up asking his mother-in-law to change her dress or leave the wedding, because he himself wasn't going to be able to stay at this rate.

Both the mother-in-law and bride refused this request, and so the groom was forced to sit outside with his family members and groomsmen in the fresh air where he started to feel better. Unfortunately, the night ended with the author staying outside most of the reception, and the bride sleeping at her parent's house on their wedding night.

The author concludes his post by stating that his wife is aware that he has an allergy to certain perfumes and that this has happened with his mother-in-law at least three times before.

What do you think? Was the author going too far by requesting that his mother-in-law leave the wedding due to his allergic reaction? Or was he entirely reasonable for wanting to enjoy his own wedding night, and the mother-in-law and bride were the ones who were being unreasonable by refusing to find a solution for him?

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