Mother-in-Law Humiliated After Bride 'Publicly Embarrasses' Her at Wedding

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Should elders always be respected, even if they’re behaving terribly?

As stressful as it can be to plan a wedding, nothing makes the stress worse than problematic and interfering loved ones and family members. These people will insist on putting their opinions forward even when they don't have a say in the planning process.

Those who have planned a wedding realise that they have to put boundaries in place in order to protect their vision and how they want to see their wedding day. But not every loved one is going to be on board with this.

These realities were highlighted in a recent line post in which a newlywed humiliates her in-laws at a wedding, resulting in massive family conflict.

Should elders always be respected, even if they’re behaving terribly?

An online post published on September 21st, reported on by Samantha Berlin from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,600 upvotes and 1,600 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she and her husband got married just a few months ago. Though she doesn't have a close connection with his family, she will often spend time with them. Only on a couple occasions was she 'allowed' to sit with the rest of the family at events.

She adds that she recently attended her brother-in-law's wedding, and though she was nervous she was hopeful that it would be a 'great opportunity to bond with her family', and in particular her mother-in-law.

Following the ceremony, the author went to fix up her makeup, and when she arrived at the reception hall, she noticed that both of the family tables were ‘full’. As she stood there confused, her mother-in-law ‘motioned’ for her to sit at a table with other 'formal guests', who were not family. The author approached her and said that she would like to sit with the family and her husband, but her husband said that there was 'no free spot for her'.

Are those who marry into a family lower on the pecking order?

The author was surprised by her husband's response, and asked him why he hadn't saved her a spot. He replied that he was a guest just like her, and he had no control over this. He encouraged her to sit at a different guest table, and they begin to have an argument.

Her mother-in-law then told her that she was ‘making an unnecessary scene’ and ‘complaining for no good reason’. That was when the author grabbed her coat and turned to leave. Her husband followed her out of the reception hall and told her to 'quit acting immature' and go back inside.

The author ultimately left, and when her husband came home he told her that she had 'embarrassed' him, his mother, and his entire family by 'making a scene' at the wedding for 'no valid reason'. The author replied that she was tired of being excluded from the family, but her husband responded by saying that she was 'over-sensitive' and should have been 'respectful' as a guest at the wedding.

What do you think? Was the author right to stand up for herself and leave when she was being purposefully excluded by the rest of the family? Or were her husband and mother-in-law right in that she was making a scene and acting mature for no reason, and should have just behaved herself and sat somewhere else?

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