Man Refuses to 'Replace' $400-Worth of Girlfriend's Clothes He Lost

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Who has the right to dispose of another person’s belongings?

When it comes to clothing, people come in different shapes and sizes. This is especially the case with women's bodies, and so finding items that fit properly can sometimes be a real struggle.

It is reported that about 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra for their body type. Not only is the purchase of a good-fitting bra a challenge for the average woman, especially for larger-chested people, bras can be a very costly expense.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post where a boyfriend carelessly most of his girlfriend’s bras, and she demands that he replace them because of the expense, but he refuses.

Who has the right to dispose of another person’s belongings?

An online post published on September 19th, reported on by Kate Fowler from Newsweek, has gone viral with 13,200 upvotes and 2,900 comments.

The author starts her post by explaining that her bra size is a lot larger than the average female, so she can't just go to any department store and find her size. She has to get them custom-fit, and for that reason, it has cost her a lot of money to stock up her wardrobe.

The author then goes on to explain that she is in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, and they equally share chores in their household. He was at the laundromat this weekend, when he came back and he didn't have the author's bras with him. They realized that he had forgotten them, and when they went back to retrieve them they were gone for good.

That was when the author asked her boyfriend to own up to his blunder and replace all of the bras that he lost, amounting to a total cost of $400 worth of product.

Should a person take a financial hit when they accidentally lose something?

The boyfriend agreed to only replace ‘one or two’ of the bras, when in actuality he lost more than that. He told her that she was ‘spending way too much’ on her bras. The author reasoned that she was happy to have one or two replaced immediately, but the others also needed to be replaced over time her boyfriend said 'no, that wasn't going to happen'.

The author explains that his family members have now come to the boyfriend's defence, especially his sister, telling the author that she needs to start buying 'cheaper bras' because the ones she's invested in were 'too expensive'.

What do you think? Is the author totally justified to ask her boyfriend to replace the items of hers that he lost, especially considering that there are custom items that cannot be found at any regular store? Or does the author need to cut her boyfriend some slack and recognise that it was an accident that they were lost, and he shouldn't be on the hook to replace them?

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