Stepmom Threatens to Call Cops on Teen Who 'Steals' Her Car

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Are cars a right or a privilege for teenagers?

While a parent will always be a parent, regardless of the age of their kid, there comes a point where every child needs to be held responsible for their actions and take the consequences if they make a mistake.

This tends to go for all children, but what can make disciplining a child more complicated is when there are blended families with stepparents involved in the next. It can often be tricky for a stepparent to know exactly what their role is in parenting their stepkids.

This sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a stepmom threatens to call the cops on her teenage stepson, who takes her car without permission.

Are cars a right or a privilege for teenagers?

An online post published on September 21st, reported on by Rebecca Flood from Newsweek, has gone viral with 10,900 upvotes and 1,700 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she is a doctor and, for that reason, she needs to have access to her car at all times. She can literally get a call from work at any point, and may need to drop everything to get to the emergency room.

With that said, the author is also a stepmother to a 16-year-old teenager named Rex. She explains that Rex is a little entitled, and doesn't seem to grasp the importance of her job.

She continues with the context that her fiance and stepson’s mother had been saving to buy Rex a car for Christmas, as he tends to borrow his mom's station wagon on a regular basis. They don't believe this is a suitable situation for the teen, so they have plans to buy him a car.

Just recently, the teen asked his stepmother if he could borrow her car. She told him 'no', because she was on-call and needed it. However, just a few hours later the author realized that her car was gone, and ‘began to panic’ and called her stepson.

At what point should a teenager be held liable for dangerous behaviour?

When the stepson picked up, it was very clear that he was at the mall with the car. The author told him to ‘get home right away’, and he laughed and said that 'she was not his mom'. He then said he would be home 'whenever he pleased'. She then told him that he had 20 minutes to get the car home or she was going to call the police and report it stolen. He started to panic, saying that he ‘wouldn't be able to find all his friends and drive home in 20-minutes’. She told them that was too bad.

The teen then called his mom, who called the stepmother. When Rex's mum called, she became incredibly angry to learn from the author that she was on call, so Rex’s plan to get his mother’s support backfired. She apologised to the author and promised that she would make things right. The stepson eventually returned and threw his keys at the author, and then locked himself in his bedroom. And, shockingly, when the author's fiance returned home, he 'demanded to know why she punished his son'.

While the author's fiancé doesn't think that her punishment was warranted, the teen's mother not only agrees with the stepmother, she was also so angry with her son's entitlement that she now refuses to go in on buying her son a car with her ex-husband.

What do you think? Was the author entirely justified to threaten to call the police and report her car stolen when her stepson borrowed it without permission? Or did the author overreact to the situation, even though she was on-call and thus access to her car was a matter of life and death?

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