Mom 'Kicks Daughter Out' After She Pawns Family Heirlooms to Party

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Are there some actions by a child that are just unforgivable?

When it comes to family, and in particular a person's children, there are a lot of things that can be forgiven and a lot of second chances to be handed out when a child makes a big mistake.

Most parents would say they would be willing to do anything for their children, but even when it comes to kids there need to be boundaries and a point where the children have to take responsibility for their own actions.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a mother kicks out her adult daughter after she pawns her sister's heirlooms for some extra cash.

Are there some actions by a child that are just unforgivable?

An online post published on September 21st, reported on by Sophie Lloyd from Newsweek, has gone viral with 7,800 upvotes and close to 1,000 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she has three daughters, Lucy who is 21, and then a 17 and 15-year-old. The author says that ever since her daughter Lucy graduated high school, she has 'gone off the rails' and has been hanging out with a 'bad crowd'.

Though Lucy works a retail job, she spends her free time smoking and partying every weekend that she can. The author also adds that Lucy has become more and more ‘disrespectful’ of her mother and sisters. Though the author has tried to get Lucy into both rehab and therapy, none of these have worked.

Several weeks ago, the author states that an incident with Lucy was 'the final straw'. She clarifies that all of her daughters have expensive pieces of jewellery that they inherited from their grandmother after she passed away a year ago. This jewellery has been in the family for generations, and has been passed down from daughter to daughter.

What incident classifies as 'enough is enough'?

The author also adds the traumatic backstory that her husband was killed 11 years ago in a work accident, and that this jewellery was passed down by his mother, and thus had even more sentimental value to her daughters.

Several weeks back, the author’s 15 and 17-year old noticed that the sentimental jewellery was missing, and they were very upset about it. The mom asked Lucy if she knew what happened, but Lucy lied and said that she ‘didn't know’. But after the author continued to ask, also pointing out that Lucy had been partying and spending more money, the 21-year-old admitted to 'stealing and pawning the jewellery'.

Following this incident, the author decided she needed to protect her other daughters and kicked Lucy out. Lucy then moved in with the author's parents, who are now telling her that she is a 'horrible mother' for kicking Lucy out, and that she's 'playing favorites'.

What do you think? Is the author indeed a horrible mother for kicking Lucy out after she pawned family heirlooms? Or is the author doing the best by her other daughters, and Lucy is an adult who needs to take responsibility for her own life moving forward?

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