Woman Horrified After Boyfriend Scams Her with 'Sick Child' in Hospital

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Should couples be willing to share all expenses, even if they aren’t engaged?

As if relationships weren’t complicated enough, one of the things that couples argue about most are finances, money and debt.

Further data has shown that finances and money are also one of the top reasons why couples choose to ultimately file for divorce and separate. If a couple is not on the same page financially, that will result in a lot of conflict.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a woman suspects that her boyfriend is scamming her out of thousands of dollars, and is using his supposed children to do it.

Should couples be willing to share all expenses, even if they aren’t engaged?

An online post published on September 21st, reported on by Samantha Berlin from Newsweek, has gone viral with 8,200 upvotes and 3,200 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she has been dating her boyfriend for 3 months now, and he is a single dad of a 6 and 12-year-old sons, even though she hasn't met them in person or even seen photos of the boys.

The boyfriend justifies this by stating that it's ‘too early for her to meet his kids’, mostly for their mental health, which the author states that she respects. She also includes that she sends gifts to the boys ‘every weekend’ with her boyfriend, and he assures her that one day he will eventually tell them ‘where these gifts are coming from’.

Then things started to get suspicious. The author says that her boyfriend didn't speak to her for a week, and after that time he informed her that his son was in the hospital. The author offered to visit, but her boyfriend said there was ‘no need’ and just suggested that she send gifts instead to cheer the boy up.

At what point should a person demand evidence before spending more money?

Just recently, the boyfriend called the author and said he was busy all day trying to come up with money for a surgery his son needed. That was when the boyfriend ultimately asked if the author could 'lend him $5,000 to pay for the surgery'.

The author said that she ‘didn't feel comfortable’ lending this money, because she had worked hard to save it up. Her boyfriend said that he respected her discomfort, but he still continued to push that the surgery 'needed to happen next week' by the doctor's recommendation.

Though the author still felt uncomfortable, her boyfriend then 'promised' her that if she lent him the money she could ‘meet his children after the surgery’. The author still refused, and her boyfriend got incredibly upset with her telling her 'how cruel she was' and 'how little she cares about his kids and him'. The boyfriend later texted an image of a child’s arm with an IV drip in it. There was no face in the picture, but the author's boyfriend still claimed it was his son.

What do you think? Is the author truly being cruel by refusing to lend the money when her boyfriend's child needs emergency surgery? Or is all of this super fishy, and it's likely that the author is being scammed out of thousands of dollars by her supposed boyfriend?

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