Mother-in-Law Demands that Bride 'Return Gown' She Hates

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How much say should an in-law have in a bride’s choice of wedding dress?

For a lot of women, they dream about their ideal wedding day many years before it takes place or they start planning it. People can get very wrapped up in the details of planning a wedding because they are so passionate about having the ‘perfect day’ realised.

But it isn't just brides who can get obsessive about the details of their wedding, it is also mothers or in-laws who can become very particular about the sort of wedding they would like to see take place for their children.

This exact predicament was highlighted in a recent online post in which a mother-in-law forces her son to return his fiancée's wedding dress, because she doesn't like it.

How much say should an in-law have in a bride’s choice of wedding dress?

An online post published on September 23rd, reported on by Samantha Berlin from Newsweek, has gone viral with an incredible 30,300 upvotes and 9,100 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she and her fiancé are set to get married this December. While she does find her future mother-in-law a 'little intrusive', she does still believe that she is 'nice overall'.

And although she hates to admit it, she does explain that wedding planning has been ‘a bit of a nightmare’ because her mother-in-law has a ‘very particular vision’ of what she would like her son's wedding to look like. The fiancé has just asked for her to 'go along with it' and respect the mother-in-law’s vision as well.

Just recently, the bride went wedding dress shopping with her mom and friends, and her mother-in-law 'insisted on going as well'. Though the bride found the dress she was looking for, her mother-in-law ended up taking a different one that she said she 'always pictured her son's bride would get married in'.

The bride graciously thanked her mother-in-law for sharing her vision with her, but she has a vision of her own of what she would like to be wearing at her wedding.

Picking up on red flags can be tricky with in-laws.

The bride thought everything was fine, until she got home that day and her fiance started 'ranting' at her about how upset his mother was. Her mother-in-law felt she had been 'excluded' from the wedding dress experience because the bride had 'turned down' her dress choice.

The author insisted that her mother-in-law shouldn't have a say in the dress she chooses, and her fiancé became upset telling her that 'her attitude wasn't working for his mother'. The groom then insisted that she should 'consider the dress his mom had chosen' because they ‘weren’t all that different’, though the bride insists that they are 'very different'.

Later that week, the author returned home from work to find that her wedding dress had disappeared, only to learn that her fiance had returned it to exchange it for the dress his mother had chosen. The couple had a massive argument, and she ultimately left to stay at a friend's place. She is now receiving texts from her fiance saying that she ‘overreacted’ and that this was his wedding too and ‘his mother's vision counts'.

What do you think? Was the bride's response to having her wedding dress exchanged for one she didn't even want entirely justified? Or is the groom right in that it's his wedding too, and so his mother's vision and opinion matter just as much as the bride's?

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