Adult Children Furious at Mother for 'Having an Affair'

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At what point should parents be allowed to do what they want, even if their children disapprove?

It doesn't matter the age of a child, if their parents choose to separate it is generally a traumatic or upsetting experience in most cases. It isn't uncommon for children to have the wish that their parents will eventually get back together.

Statistics also show that one of the leading causes of couples choosing to divorce is infidelity or one of the partners having an affair. But what are children to do when they feel their parent is having an affair, and they don't approve?

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a set of adult children accuse their mother of having an affair, and they are told to 'get over it'.

At what point should parents be allowed to do what they want, even if their children disapprove?

An online post from September 22nd, reported on by Sophie and Lloyd from Newsweek, has gone viral with 5,600 upvotes and close to 500 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he and his grandmother have a very close relationship, though his other family members are very judgemental of his grandmother right now. His grandparents have been separated for two decades now, and his 65-year-old grandmother is dating someone new. To go a step further, the grandmother and William have decided to move in together.

While this should be a happy occasion of sorts, the author explains that his father, aunts, and uncles are all furious with their mother and have essentially ‘cut contact with her’.

The grandmother was initially hesitant to tell her children about her relationship with her boyfriend, because she wasn't sure how they would react. And she was right to be nervous, because her children ‘turned on her’ when they learned she was moving in with her boyfriend.

Is someone's love life anyone else's business?

Her children began to accuse her of ‘cheating’ and said that she was ‘choosing her affair partner over her own kids’. That was when they stopped speaking to her. The grandmother was then hesitant to move in with her boyfriend, but the author encouraged her to anyways because 'William makes her happy and he is a nice man'.

Since her four children stopped talking to her entirely, the grandmother has asked her estranged husband for an 'official divorce', making her kids even angrier with her. The children were recently speaking ill of the grandmother at a family dinner, and that was when the author ‘had enough’ and finally spoke up.

He chastised them for speaking ill of their mom, and told them that 'they should be happy that she is happy'. He also called them out as hypocrites, saying that it was ‘unfair’ that they would criticize their mother when their father had ‘already had many girlfriends’ over the decades, and they ‘praised him’ for this rather than shaming him. The kids told the author that he was in the wrong for ‘not taking their feelings into consideration’, and argued that their mother ‘shouldn’t be dating at this age’ and then continued to accuse her of ‘cheating’.

What do you think? Is the grandmother fully within her right to be dating again after decades of being separated from her husband? Or are her children right in that this is cheating and having an affair, even though their father has been doing the same thing for years but they see no issue with it?

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