'Bridezilla' Lies About Child-Free Wedding to Exclude 5-Year-Old Niece

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Is deception forgivable if it’s just for one event, on one day?

The concept of child-free weddings isn't anything new, but it is certainly a trend that has been catching on more and more in recent years, despite the criticism or backlash that may come from parents in a groom and bride's life.

Generally, if a couple decides to have a child-free wedding, that rule will extend to all children associated with the guest list, rather than picking and choosing favourites.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a bride and groom tell a certain guest that they're having a child-free wedding, but the guest later learns that their child was the only one excluded from the wedding celebration.

Is deception forgivable if it’s just for one event, on one day?

An online post reported on by Kate Fowler from Newsweek has gone viral with 7,500 upvotes and close to 1,000 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that her older brother got married in July to a person that she was always ‘generally friendly with’. The bride, named Brittany, went to the author's house a few weeks before the wedding to explain that her family had ‘concerns about children being present at the ceremony’ on their big day.

For this reason the bride requested that the author not bring her 5-year-old daughter Lily to the wedding ceremony, but said that she was more than welcome at the reception. The author decided to go with the flow because it was her brother's wedding and she wanted them to have the day they wanted.

Fast forward to the actual wedding day, and while the author is at the rehearsal, the bride's nieces walk in as junior bridesmaids. Though the author was a little annoyed, she let it slide and didn't say anything.

But when the author had a conversation with her brother later that day, it was revealed that only her 5-year-old daughter wasn't invited to the ceremony, while all other children in their lives were. The bride apparently feared that the 5-year-old would 'accidentally ruin' the wedding with ‘some sort of temper tantrum’, so the 'child-free wedding' excuse had been a cover-up and a lie.

Are child-free weddings a tacky idea?

On the day of the wedding, Brittany asked where Lily was because she wasn't there while they were getting ready. The author explained that her daughter was with a friend and would come to the reception later. The bride then said was going to call so Lily could come take pictures before the ceremony, because ;if she wasn't there people would ask why she's missing’ and it would make the bride 'look bad'. The author told the bride that her friend was aware of the situation, and wouldn't be bringing Lily to get ready with them.

The bride then asked 'what they were supposed to tell people when they look at the photos and notice Lily isn't there'. That was when the author replied that the bride 'could tell them she wasn't invited since she has too many temper tantrums'. An argument then ensued between the two of them, which left the wedding as ‘awkward to say the least’, according to the author.

When photos later surfaced, family members in the group chat asked where Lily was in the photos. That was when the author decided to tell the truth about what happened. While some family members are calling the author ‘petty’ for deciding to keep Lily out of the photos, others feel that the bride's actions on the day were inexcusable.

What do you think? Was the author entirely justified to keep her daughter out of the wedding photos after the bride insulted her daughter by excluding her from the ceremony? Or was the author indeed being petty, and should have just gone along with the bride's wishes since it was her big day?

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