Man ‘Outraged’ After Girlfriend Plans Vacation with ‘Ex-Boyfriend’

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Is keeping contact with an ex-romantic partner considered cheating?

After so many years of not being able to travel due to the pandemic, many people are finally looking forward to getting back out there and seeing the world.

With that said, most people are planning to go on vacation with loved ones, including family members or romantic partners. But what is a person to do when their significant other wants to go on vacation with an unlikely or ‘inappropriate’ choice?

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a boyfriend is furious after his girlfriend decides to go on vacation with her supposed ‘ex-boyfriend’.

Is keeping contact with an ex-romantic partner considered cheating?

A Reddit post published on September 17th, reported on by Samantha Berlin from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,300 upvotes and 2,600 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she has an upcoming trip planned with her best friend to Italy, but her boyfriend is not at all supportive of her going on this trip.

She has been planning this trip with her best friend for months now, and purchased the tickets 6 months ago. In fact, this trip was planned before the author was even dating her current boyfriend, but he doesn't care that that's the case.

The author clarifies that her boyfriend wants her to cancel the trip because he ‘doesn't trust’ the best friend she is going with, and doesn't think that they are able to spend a week alone together ‘without her cheating on him’.

Is everyone entitled to a past without judgment?

The author explains that she and her best friend had a 1-night 'encounter' after a night of partying over 7 years ago. They have ‘no romantic or physical attraction’ towards one another, so they ultimately made the decision to put the incident behind them and stay friends. But the author’s boyfriend doesn’t see it this way, and considers the best friend to be that author’s ‘ex’ even though they never had a real relationship together.

Since then, they have gone on many trips together and stayed in hotel rooms before, and there hasn't been any further attempt to create some sort of romantic relationship. While the author understands her boyfriend's slight discomfort with the situation, she has made it clear that she's not going to stop being friends with her best friend ‘over someone she just started to recently date’. Thus, the author refuses to cancel her trip to Italy.

What do you think? Is the author not being considerate enough of her boyfriend's feelings by refusing to cancel her trip with someone she had a previous encounter with? Or is the boyfriend out of line for making such a demand, and needs to learn how to trust his girlfriend rather than dictating who she can be friends with?

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