Father 'Steals' Wedding Dress Budget to Buy iPad for Child

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Should a partner ever use money on a purchase that wasn’t agreed on?

Weddings are an incredibly costly venture, and not something that someone shouldn’t jump into without their eyes fully open.

The wedding industry itself generates over $60 billion a year in the US, with the average wedding costing close to $30,000. For many people, a wedding is an incredible expense, and something they have to take very seriously and spend many months or years saving up for.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a groom ‘steals’ from his bride’s wedding dress budget in order to buy his child an iPad.

Should a partner ever use money on a purchase that wasn’t agreed on?

A Reddit post published on September 17th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 10,300 upvotes and 1,700 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he and his fiancée are getting married in a few months, and the two of them each have a child from their previous relationship. The author's daughter is 15 years old, while his fiance's daughter is 8 years old.

While the two children get along quite well, an issue surfaced after the author purchased an iPad for his daughter last year. His daughter loves the iPad and brings it with her everywhere she goes to use for both ‘creative and academic purposes’.

And understandably, the fiancee's 8-year-old daughter really likes the idea of an iPad and she wanted one for herself. However, the pair didn't feel the 8-year-old was old enough to have an iPad for herself, so they put rules around her being able to use the 15-year-old’s iPad from time-to-time. The rules were meant to ensure that the device didn't get broken, but these measures weren't entirely effective.

Juggling a child's use of technology is a tricky balance.

The author goes on to explain that usually the 8-year old will sit by the stairs and watch videos on either his or his fiance's phone. But last week, she took her stepsisters' iPad and sat there, despite not being allowed to use it in that way. When her mother called for her, the girl got startled and dropped the iPad.

Sadly, the screen broke almost immediately and now the author's daughter is devastated by what happened. When the author hinted at the fact that his fiance should buy a new iPad for his daughter, the bride simply said that all her money was going towards the wedding. That was when the author insisted that he would just take money from that budget to cover the cost of the new iPad.

He concluded his post by saying that the bride 'must have not believed him' when he said he was going to use some of the wedding budget, because a few days later she confronted the author and told him he had stolen from her by using money from their budget to buy the new iPad.

What do you think? Was it only fair for the author to use the money from the wedding budget to purchase his daughter a new iPad after his stepdaughter broke her first one? Or did he indeed steal from his bride by using money meant for the wedding, even though the two of them contributed to the wedding budget, to begin with?

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