56-Year-Old Father Demands Grandchild Refer to Newborn Baby as 'Aunt'

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What role do significant age gaps play in family dynamics?

While it's never a happy thing when a marriage ends in divorce, stats show that 70% of adults who get divorced will go on to remarry and potentially have more children down the road.

Family dynamics can get tricky when divorce and step-siblings come into the mix, but most people do the best they can to figure out a way to navigate these changes with grace.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a man becomes a father again at an older age, and starts making demands of his family members that make them uncomfortable.

What role do significant age gaps play in family dynamics?

A Reddit post published on September 18th, reported on by Jack Beresford from Newsweek, has gone viral with 5,100 votes and 1,000 comments.

The author starts his post by explaining that he is 34 years old, and his father recently had a newborn baby at the age of 56. While this is all fine, it has started a big debate as to 'what the baby girl's position is in the family'.

The 56-year-old father is demanding that the author's 9-year-old child call the newborn baby her 'aunt'. The author clarifies that his daughter doesn't want to do this, especially because she is at the age where she wants to start feeling more 'grown up', and she doesn't want to call a newborn her aunt.

The author has repeatedly asked his father to not try to force this on his 9-year-old, and the baby's mother even says that she 'doesn't have a problem' with her baby not being referred to as the 9-year-old's aunt.

Unconventional families should come with unconventional rules.

The author goes on to explain that he gets along quite well with his father's girlfriend, and this situation has nothing to do with him not liking his dad's girlfriend or his new baby sister. He is just trying to protect his daughter’s best interest.

Despite this, the 56-year-old father is still insisting that his daughter should be referred to as his granddaughter's 'aunt'. This has resulted in a lot of arguments between the two of them, with the 56-year-old father snapping that his son 'can't tell him what to call his own baby'.

What do you think? Is the 56-year-old father right in that he should be able to choose how other people refer to his newborn baby? Or is the author the one who's right by protecting his daughter's best interest and recognising her discomfort in the situation?

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