Carpool Mom 'Abandons' Child After Not Taking Them to School

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Should parents always be ready to help other parents?

It's no secret that parenting is very difficult, and the saying ‘it takes a village’ very accurately depicts this. With that said, it is still the responsibility of a child's true parent to look after their care and make sure they have everything they need.

While this is how it is meant to be, not every parent seems to grasp the fact that they are not entitled to the time and assistance of other people simply because they have a child. Incidents of entitled parents are becoming more common and documented online through video evidence.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a mother who carpools several children to school refuses to drive one lazy kid, and receives the wrath of that child's parent.

Should parents always be ready to help other parents?

A Reddit post published on September 14th, reported on by Jack Beresford from Newsweek, has gone viral with 5,700 upvotes and close to 400 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she recently organised a small carpool involving a set of twins who live close by and another child from a different grade who goes to her child's school. Before going to grab the children, the author had her 16-year-old text the kids in order to make sure that they knew what time to be ready for pick-up.

While the twins were patiently waiting outside and ready to go, the other child was not there. The author had her daughter knock on the front door a few times but there was no answer at the door, so they left.

With that said, the mom dropped the other children at school and carried on with her day. However, when she got to work she noticed there were ‘3 missed calls and a few angry voicemails’ on her phone from the mother of the child she didn't pick up. The mother was incredibly furious that she hadn't grabbed their kid to take them to school.

Who is really responsible for coordinating the transportation of a person's child?

The author called the child's mother back and explained how her daughter sent a text about what time they should be outside and be ready to pick up, as well as explaining that her daughter had knocked on the front door when the child wasn't waiting outside, but there had been no answer.

But this explanation was not good enough for the child's mother, and she insisted to the author that she ‘should have called her son to wake him up’, and definitely should have waited until he was ready before driving off, rather than 'abandoning' her child. That was when the author replied that ‘waking up the kid was not her responsibility’, and she needed to ensure all the other kids weren’t late for school. The child's mum then said some ‘nasty words’ to her and hung up.

What do you think? Did the author do the right thing by making sure the rest of the kids got to school on time, especially since the third child was not ready to go when they were supposed to be ready? Or is the angry mother of the one who is right, and the author should have made more of an effort to ensure the third child woke up on time for the drive?

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