Father Refuses to Give Son Late Mother's Necklace Intended for Daughter

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Who should be entitled to someone’s possessions when they pass?

It's incredibly devastating when someone passes away, especially if it was unexpected and no one is prepared for it. And in most cases, if a person passes away, they usually have some sort of will created to indicate what should go to whom.

More often than not, possessions will go to the closest loved ones in a person's life, such as their children, spouse, family members, and the like. But what if someone is not happy about what they’ve been left in a will?

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a son is furious that his father plans to give his sister a precious necklace that belonged to their late mother.

Who should be entitled to someone’s possessions when they pass?

A Reddit post published on September 15, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 13,100 upvotes and 2,300 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that his late wife unfortunately passed away 6 years ago, which was a very devastating loss for the entire family, especially their two children. He goes on to explain that his wife inherited a necklace from her mother, and that mother from her mother before her. In in short, it's a tradition in the family to pass this necklace down from one daughter to next.

The author's late wife made it clear that she wanted the necklace to be given to their daughter when she became an adult, and the author’s current wife is the only person who knows that arrangement. That is until she told her stepson about it.

The son burst into his father’s office the other day asking ‘what his mother had left for him’. He brought up the necklace and demanded to his father that because it is sentimental he should be able to have it instead of his sister.

Is anyone really entitled to somebody else's possessions?

The author clarified to his son that the necklace would indeed be going to his sister instead, citing the family tradition that had been in place for generations. His son, however, did not like this explanation, and he demanded to have instead stating that he was ‘also their child’, and it shouldn’t be gifted to one child specifically.

The author then told him that it was important to recognise that this had been his mother's wish, and he should be respectful of that. The son then got engaged and called the author and his late mother 'sexist' for carrying on with the tradition. The author's current wife believes he should give his son the necklace to ‘keep the peace’, but the author refuses because he is dedicated to honouring his late wife's wishes to the very end.

What do you think? Is the son justified in being furious that his sister is getting the necklace rather than him, and he's right that it's a sexist tradition? Or is he just being selfish by wanting the necklace for himself rather than respecting and honouring his late mother's wishes?

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