Stepmom Furious After New Husband ‘Chooses’ Daughter over Her

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Should a parent ever play favorites between their spouse and child?

While divorce is an incredibly painful event to take place in anyone’s life, it is actually a fairly common phenomenon. Data shows that 40% of marriages in the US ultimately end in divorce, and of those couples, 30% of them will have children.

Data also shows that a majority of divorcees will get remarried again, meaning that many a significant portion of couples that head into a second or third marriage will bring at least one child along with them.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a father tells his new wife, point blank, that his teenage daughter will always come first, and the stepmother is incredibly insulted by this fact.

Should a parent ever play favorites between their spouse and child?

A Reddit post published on September 8, reported on by Kate Fowler from Newsweek, has gone viral with 6,000 upvotes and over 500 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he has a 14-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, and that the divorce of her parents was very hard on her. He describes it as ‘an open wound’. Since the divorce, he has remarried, and his new wife and daughter get along incredibly well.

He does however add that his daughter doesn’t view her stepmom as a ‘mother’ figure, and the author has intentionally left all of the ‘more difficult parenting’ to only be handled by himself. With that said, the 14-year-old recently approached her father as requested to go to her mom’s house. The author asked why that was the case, as she looked quite upset, and she simply told him to ‘ask his new wife’.

When the author asked about what happened, he learned the story of what took place. The teenager’s 15th birthday is coming up, which she is very excited about, because she wants to have a big party. However, her stepmother approached the teen saying they should have a part with ‘only the three of them’, meaning that the teen’s mother and other family members would be excluded. And unfortunately, things only got worse from there.

The teen told her father that her stepmom continued to insist on having a party with only the three of them, and when the teen asked why her mother was being left out of the party plans, the stepmom told her that she was being ‘bratty’ and that if she wanted to be with her mom so much ‘she could go live with her’.

Blended families are difficult to navigate.

From here the author stepped in, quite forcefully, and told his new wife that she was ‘never permitted to insult his daughter’, especially when it came to her insecurities related to her parents’ divorce. He went on to tell his wife that she is ‘not his daughter’s mother’, and if she tried to replace the teen’s mom, the teen would only end up resenting her.

The stepmom argued back that author wasn’t ‘considering her feelings’ and ‘wouldn’t meet her in the middle’. The author simply said that his daughter had been plenty welcoming and friendly towards her stepmom, and that in this case, she was wrong. He also added that if she expected him to turn on his daughter, that was never going to happen.

The stepmom then cried, stating he was putting her in ‘second place’ after his daughter, which he in fact confirmed was true. The author’s wife is no longer speaking to him, claiming that his confirmation of her being ‘second place’ to his daughter was a ‘grave insult’.

What do you think? Is the author just being a good dad by standing by his daughter and not letting his new wife push the teen around? Or is the author not committed enough to his new marriage, and needs to teach his daughter that she’ll have to start compromising with her stepmom?

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