Man Refuses to Sign Contract to Borrow $14,000 from Wife

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Should married couples always share finances equally?

Navigating a marriage can be tricky, especially when the topic of money comes into the conversation and a pair of spouses are not on the same page in regards to how they deal with their finances.

Data shows that money is one of the top subjects that couples argue about, and can also be one of contributing factors to why a married couple may choose to ultimately divorce.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a husband requests to borrow $14,000 from his third wife, and she demands that he sign a contract which he is hesitant to do.

Should married couples always share finances equally?

A Reddit post published on September 9th, reported on by Ashley Gale from Newsweek, has gone viral with 15,000 upvotes and 4,100 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she has been married to her husband for two years so far. With that said, this is his third marriage, and after two divorces he has a total of 6 children with his other ex-wives.

The author's husband made it clear when they first got together that he wanted their finances to stay split up, which she was entirely fine with, but she has since noticed that her husband will 'blow through his money' each month, which she finds rather frustrating.

She adds that his bank account is currently almost empty, and for this very reason, he's been asking friends and family to loan him money. He has even borrowed $4,000 from the author's brother. When the author inquired about how he was using all this money, he claimed that it was ‘for his kids’, the oldest of which is 16 years old.

Mixing money with family is a tricky business.

Things have recently gotten more complicated when the husband approached the author and asked to borrow $14,000 from her. He wanted her to pull the money from her account and put it into his. The author pushed with questions, asking him what he would need the money for, and he argued that it was ‘none of her business’ and insisted that he will return it.

The author said that would be fine, but only under the condition that he sign a contract stating that he would return her money in full. The husband was then ‘shocked and offended’ that his wife wouldn't trust him at his word, but she refused to budge on her offer.

The husband then went on a long rant about how she was ‘refusing to help him’ and making the situation ‘more difficult’. She continued to insist on a contract, and after several days of refusing to drop her condition, he completely blew up at her saying that she should ‘be ashamed for involving the courts and lawyers’ between them. He then stormed out of the house and hasn't responded to any of her calls since.

What do you think? Considering her husband's history with finances, do you think the author is entirely justified to ask that a contract be signed before she loans him $14,000? Or should married couples be willing to exchange finances without questions asked, even if they originally agreed to have their money split up?

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