Man Refuses to Let Ex-Wife Change Name of Baby

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Should a child’s name ever be changed without the consent of both parents?

Choosing the name for a baby is never a straightforward process, and many parents would say that it was one of the most difficult choices to make as they prepared for their newborn.

With that said, it can often be tough for two adults to come to a mutual decision as important as a child’s name. This can cause tension for many couples.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a mother-to-be and her new partner want to change the name of the unborn child, but her ex-husband refuses to accept her reason for wanting to change it.

Should a child’s name ever be changed without the consent of both parents?

A Reddit post published on August 15th, reported on by Jack Beresford from Newsweek, has gone viral with 9,800 upvotes and 1,600 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he and his ex-wife broke up before she realized that she was pregnant. Their marriage ultimately ended because she began having an affair with a close female friend.

Once she admitted this secret to her husband, he was absolutely devastated. However, he could still empathize with the fact that she was ‘unhappy in their marriage’, and agreed to a divorce.

With that said, things have become more complicated because of the baby name they chose for their unborn child. Apparently, the new girlfriend had an abusive ex with the same name, so she refuses to accept their child having that name and demands it be changed.

Who should have the final say in the name of a baby?

The author went on to try and explain to his ex-wife's new partner how important the name was to them. And because the ex-wife and author had chosen the name long before the new girlfriend was in the picture, the ex-wife ultimately agreed to let the author make the choice.

However, this infuriated the new girlfriend, and she began to insist that 'her child would not have that name'. This was the final straw for the author, and he cracked. The author told the new girlfriend that since she was not the one he got pregnant, and she ‘wasn't the actual parent of the child’, he and his ex-wife would be the one to choose the name for their baby, regardless of her opinion.

Due to this outburst, the woman has now accused the author of being 'homophobic' for not considering her input in this decision.

What do you think? Should the author consider his ex-wife's new girlfriend's opinion on what their baby's name should be? Or does she have absolutely no say in the matter at all?

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