Step-Mom Lies to Cops After Stealing Money from Stepson

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Is it ever okay to take money from family members without permission?

As if blended families weren't difficult enough to navigate, matters can get even more complicated if there is deceitful and criminal behaviour happening within a home.

It’s estimated that 1,300 new blended families are formed every day in the US, and a portion of these families will be comprised of divorced individuals who combine households with a new partner.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a stepmother and her daughter steal money from the stepson, and not only do they refuse to give it back, but they also lie to the police about it.

Is it ever okay to take money from family members without permission?

A Reddit post published on August 12th, reported on by Sarah Santora from Newsweek, has gone viral with 11,700 upvotes and 1,600 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he is a divorced man who has remarried in recent years, and now also has a stepdaughter along with his own teenage son. While his family normally gets along, there have been some tensions arise that have caused a significant divide between the blended family of 4.

Unfortunately, the son's best friend passed away a year earlier. With his deceased friend’s birthday coming up soon, the teen was saving up to go on a special trip to visit his friend’s dad so that the father wouldn’t have to spend the day alone.

The author adds that his son was storing his savings in his bedroom, where he thought it would all be safe. However, several days ago his stepsister, K—who doesn’t have a job or any source of income—came home with a ‘ton of new things’. The author’s son got suspicious, and went to check on his savings, only to find that it was all missing.

Theft is a crime—there’s no way around it.

When the author heard about the situation from his son, he was furious about it. He raced home and confronted his stepdaughter. She claimed she’d used her own money to buy all of the new things, but the author didn’t believe her. He pressed until she finally broke down and told him to ‘mind his own business’.

The author went ahead to check the security camera footage, and low and behold, there was K sneaking into his son’s room. He told his stepdaughter that she had to return everything and give the money back, but the girl refused.

When the author later talked to his wife about it, the wife ‘burst into tears’ and told the author it would be ‘embarrassing’ for K if she had to return all of her purchases. The author’s wife and stepdaughter ultimately packed their things and left the house, and soon after the author called the police. However, when his wife was brought in to be questioned, she lied about what happened to protect her daughter. The author is utterly heartbroken for his son, who was saving up his money only to do a nice thing, and isn’t sure how to proceed.

What do you think? Is this situation a valid example of how the author’s wife and stepdaughter are toxic people, and he should divorce his wife immediately? Or is this all blown out of proportion, and money can always be replaced, so what’s the big deal?

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