Father Refuses to Be 'Available' for Children

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Should parents be allowed to choose if they no longer want to be a parent?

Parenting is no small responsibility, and it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Adults should very much consider if they are ready to be a parent before taking the dive.

With that said, unfortunately not every parent who decides to have children takes the responsibility seriously. In these cases, children can suffer from significant mental health struggles later in life.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a man gifts his brother-in-law a parenting book to encourage him to be more present in his children's lives, and the brother-in-law does not appreciate the gesture.

Should parents be allowed to choose if they no longer want to be a parent?

A Reddit post published on August 5th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 10,700 upvotes and close to 900 comments.

The author begins his post by explaining that he regularly visits his sister, who has two kids and is currently about to give birth to a third. With that said, unfortunately, the author notices that his brother-in-law doesn't pitch in very much with helping to care for the kids.

The author continues by explaining that his brother-in-law does very little around the house to clean or even take care of the kids. His sister is 7 months pregnant, and the brother-in-law continues to make her lift heavy things, care for the kids, and cook for everyone.

The author also adds that when he and his own wife announced that they were pregnant, his brother-in-law went out of his way to ruin the announcement by asking the author's wife if she was 'sure the author would be a decent father'. He then claimed that the author would most likely turn out to be a 'deadbeat dad'.

Running a household requires participation from everyone.

The author says that his brother-in-law always has excuses for why he doesn't help out, usually saying that he is unavailable because it's football season, and he has to catch up on all of the games. The author got frustrated with how little his brother-in-law was helping his sister out, and also for his rude comment during the author's pregnancy announcement he made with his wife.

That was when he came up with a plan to make a bit of a statement, even though he knew it probably wouldn't be received well. For his brother-in-law's birthday, he gifted him a parenting book. The book was titled, 'The Gift of Failure'.

The brother-in-law was furious that he was given such a gift, and stormed out of the birthday celebration. He later emailed the author saying that he had 'embarrassed him and mocked him' in front of everyone, and was demanding an apology for it.

What do you think? Was the author's gift justified, considering how little his brother-in-law contributes to raising his kids and helping out his wife? Or was the author out of line and shouldn't have gone to such a length to humiliate his brother-in-law?

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