Woman Refuses to Split House Expenses with ‘Rich’ Boyfriend

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Should the partner who makes more money pay for more expenses?

Money can be a very tricky subject for a lot of couples, and is often one of the biggest points of conflict between romantic partners.

Finances are such a sticky topic between couples that it is listed as one of the main reasons that they choose to separate, or even divorce.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a couple cannot agree on how to split finances, because the boyfriend makes significantly more than the author, who recently quit her job.

Should the partner who makes more money pay for more expenses?

A Reddit post published on August 5th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 6,000 upvotes and 2,400 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she just recently moved in with her boyfriend, but arguments about money have come up. The author quit her job not too long ago, and has expressed how she doesn't want to have to pay bills without having a steady income. However, her boyfriend is insisting that she pay half of the bills even though she has quit her job.

The author adds the context that her boyfriend comes from an upper-class family and has 'never had the struggle a day in his life'. She adds that she comes from a middle-class background, and makes nowhere near as much as him when she is employed.

Due to ‘some issues in the workplace’, the author is currently not looking for any work and doesn't plan to start looking for work until the end of this year. However, her boyfriend does not agree with this plan.

Everyone has to carry their own weight, within reason.

Several days ago, the author's boyfriend asked her to start contributing 50/50 on the bills and other household items. The author was taken aback, because their original agreement was that they would contribute based on the income they had.

But because the author quit her job, her income is currently zero, so she can't contribute to bills. When she pointed this out, her boyfriend said 'that's not my problem', and told her that she will need to pull from her savings.

The author is reluctant to do so, and told her boyfriend that he was going back on their agreement. They had agreed that they would split everything based on income, and since she does not have a job, covering all the expenses himself is 'something he has to deal with'. The boyfriend got angry and accused the author of 'mooching off him'.

What do you think? Is the boyfriend right in that his girlfriend is trying to mooch off of him by refusing to get a new job to pay for expenses? Or is the author justified in not covering any of the bills because she doesn't have an income to contribute anymore?

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