Man Refuses to Buy Fly First Class Plane Ticket for Wife

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Should you always sacrifice for your partner?

With travel underway again, many are looking forward to taking their next vacation and getting out to see the world.

That said, flying on airplanes isn't as comfortable as it used to be, especially as seats have been shrinking and add-ons are removed. For some, flying is a very uncomfortable experience.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a man decides to fly first class on a flight, leaving his wife to sit alone in coach.

Should you always sacrifice for your partner?

A Reddit post published on August 4th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with an impressive 28,300 of those in 3,700 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that it's been a long time since she and her husband have been out of the country for a trip. In fact, it's been several years. However, the author does add that her husband will go on an annual trip with his best friend.

The husband and his best friend will often attend sporting events around the world, and he recently asked her to accompany them and said he would cover all of her expenses.

However, while she was first excited to join them, it became very clear that her travel experience would be very different than the one that her husband and his best friend were having.

Happy wife, happy life.

The author found out that her husband had booked first-class tickets for himself and for his friend, however, he had only booked an economy ticket in coach for his wife. The wife was deeply offended by this, and she confronted him about it.

This confrontation sparked a massive argument where her husband got very heated and yelled at her, "I paid for your ticket, isn't that enough?!" He went on to tell her she should stop acting like 'royalty' and that ‘economy should be fine for her’ since she 'technically doesn't work anyway'.

The author, deeply upset, decided that she wouldn't go on the trip at all. Her husband's friend then texted her calling her 'entitled', and that her reaction to the situation was 'exactly why he didn't want her to come along' with them on their annual trip.

What do you think? Are the husband and his best friend right in that the wife is acting entitled and should just be happy to have a free plane ticket? Or is the wife entirely justified to be offended and upset that she is being treated like a second-class citizen by her own husband?

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