Man Refuses to Help 'Heavily Pregnant' Wife with House Chores

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Should a partner pitch in to help a spouse who is carrying their unborn child?

The decision to start having children is not one that should be taken lightly, and if a couple is setting out to embark on this journey, they should really be sure that they want it.

With that said, pregnancy takes a massive toll on a person's body as well, so it's not uncommon for a pregnant person to require a little bit of help and understanding as they grow a human being inside of them.

This sort of situation was highlighted in a recent online post in which a father refuses to help his pregnant wife with house chores, or look after their two other existing children.

Should a partner pitch in to help a spouse who is carrying their unborn child?

A Reddit post published on August 1st, reported on by Anders Anglesey from Newsweek, has gone viral with 11,200 upvotes and 3,000 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that she and her husband are high school sweethearts, and that they already have two children. The couple, now 22 and 21, have two daughters aged 3 and 1. They are currently expecting their first son.

The author goes on to lament that she believes her husband 'is a loser', because she does everything around the house. All the cooking, laundry, cleaning, yard work, childcare, any handy work that needs to be done, and even the car maintenance.

While her husband works in construction and has to get up early, as well as work late, he'll come home from work demanding that he needs to break and won't help out in the house.

For example, he'll arrive home and then go to the gym for an hour, eat the dinner his wife made, then play video games until he goes to sleep. The author explains that her daughters barely even know him, and he rarely talks to them.

Parenting is an active job and commitment.

The young mom further adds that on the weekends her husband will stay up late playing video games, sleep in until noon or even later, and then he'll just watch TV for the rest of the day. If she asks him to help out with anything in the house, he retorts that he 'shouldn't have to do anything on his days off'.

With that said, even when she asks for his help on work days, he'll again say he shouldn't have to do anything ‘because he worked all day’. The author is exhausted and tired of having to carry the entire load of the household and parenting on her own.

What do you think? Is the author asking too much by demanding her husband's help with the house and the kids, when he already works full-time hours to make money for them? Or is parenting a full-time job that you don't get breaks from, and the husband is being a terrible partner by not helping his wife out in any way, especially considering that she's heavily pregnant?

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