17-Year-Old Enraged By Parents' Attempt to Sabotage Sister's Relationship

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Should parents intervene in their children’s romantic relationships if they don’t approve?

It's difficult out there in the dating world. For one thing, it's hard to find someone who you can be compatible with, but it's even more difficult to find someone that your family members and parents will approve of.

For some children, finding a partner that their parents approve of is of the utmost importance. But in some cases, the reality is that parents may never approve of anyone their child chooses as a partner.

These realities were highlighted in a recent online post in which a set of parents actively try to sabotage their daughter's relationship, and their other daughter threatens to call the police on them over it.

Should parents intervene in their children’s romantic relationships if they don’t approve?

A Reddit post published on July 20th, reported on by Taylor McCloud from Newsweek, has gone viral with 5,700 upvotes and over 600 comments.

The author begins her post by explaining that there is a lot of tension in her family, as her parents are divorced and have since remarried. The author has a half-sister named Jasmine, but she and her sister aren't all that close. The author and Jasmine share the same mother, and her mom often says that she "doesn't like Jasmine very much".

She also explains that her half-sister has a "friend" named John, who lives in a different state, however, the family suspects that Jasmine and John are more than just friends. This causes a lot of dismay for the author's mother because she doesn't approve of the relationship.

Due to the fact that the mother doesn't approve of the secret relationship, the woman has taken it upon herself to actively sabotage things for her eldest daughter.

Adults have the right to choose who they want as a romantic partner, without their parents' approval.

The author explains that Jasmine was supposed to go visit John for the weekend, and she had a train ticket booked and everything. However, the author's mother got a hold of Jasmine's phone and blocked John's number on it. This meant that all of Jasmine's texts to him wouldn't go through.

This ultimately resulted in a massive miscommunication in which Jasmine arrived at the train station and John was not there to pick her up. She waited for hours, but he didn't show up at all.

The author was furious when she found out that her mother had gone to such lengths to sabotage her sister's relationship, and she even threatened to call the cops on her mom and stepdad if they didn't apologize and try to make things right. Her stepfather told her that she was too young to understand these things, and that she “shouldn’t butt into adult matters".

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